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Friday Funnies: Gamer troubles ...

Hello My Happy People,

Today's blog is coming to you from Dianne. (I know you all know I am both Stephen and Dianne but I'm still trying to keep them "somewhat" separate.) As I begin to get things set up to expand my writing universe and bring in more genres as I write as Dianne Burckhardt, there are going to be a lot of subtle changes throughout my website.

Since I will not be writing westerns as Dianne, I will reserve the "posse" for news and blogs that just pertain to Stephen and "his" books. SO I have been searching for something I can use as Dianne as a pet name for those who choose to follow my books.

I do not know how anyone would feel about this, but my husband and I always say we not only acknowledge that we are weird but that we revel in it. It's fun to be weird! We also say that being weird often attracts like-minded weirdos. So I thought "My Weirdos" would be a fun and funny nickname to use for the blogs and podcast or I can just stick with My Happy People. Seeing as how I plan to write in many genres as Dianne (paranormal, scifi, mystery, maybe even a romance), I can't think of anything like "My Posse" that would fit. If you have any suggestions or opinions on the ones I have suggested, please share.

This week I talked a lot in my podcast about how I am struggling with procrastination. Well, today the universe just said, you think you were struggling before? Here, take this road block. I am being sarcastic but Epic Games who created Fortnite, just opened a beta version so people like myself who use Apple products, can once again play Fortnite on their devices. This is great and sooooooo bad for me. I made the mistake of trying it out and yes, I can play on my desktop again.

That is really great since I have a difficult time getting to use the TV for gaming very often but very bad for my productivity. But I am so close to getting the Dr. Strange skin ... I really really want that. But no playing during working hours!!! I swear! I have a book to finish and a whole bunch of new ones to start!

So now it is time to do some actual work and get to the Friday Funnies so you can all start your weekend with a smile!



Q: What do you call a joke that's not funny?

A: A sentence.

Q: What is the best thing about working on a team?

A: There's always someone else to blame.

Q: Why are construction workers great at parties?

A: They really know how to raise the roof.

Q: What do you call it when you steal ideas from one person?

A: Plagiarism

Q: What do you call it when you steal ideas from many people?

A: Research.

Q: What’s the opposite of artificial intelligence?

A: Natural stupidity.

Q: Why did the developer have to declare bankruptcy?

A: Because he used up all his cache.

Q: Why do writers drink so much coffee?

A: Because they like to procrastinate with stupid things faster and with more energy.

Q: Why did the overachieving taxi driver get fired?

A: Because his passengers didn’t like it when he went the extra mile.

Q: Why you quit your job after your office went paperless?

A: I hated to do it, everything was great at first but then I needed to use the bathroom.

And last but not least ...

Q: What can really ruin a great Friday?

A: Remembering it’s only Thursday.

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