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Award-Winning Author and Designer, Audiobook Narrator

Dianne Burckhardt

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Coming in 2023



I have so many ideas for books I want to write, I just need to find the time to do it. I am the only person working to write, design, and promote my current projects as "Stephen Burckhardt" as well as the web design, advertising, and publishing all of the blogs and social media. Now I have added a podcast to set up. The marketing alone is a full-time job. I have a plan to write an autobiography titled, Free Bad Haircuts with Each Craniotomy.


This book will be all about my year in hell as I endured seven surgeries in six months (six of those were brain surgeries), developed a MRSA Staph infection and even died at one point, luckily it didn't take. I went into the first surgery to have two neurological conditions treated and came out with three neurological conditions. It is a crazy, compelling, and (I have been told) inspirational story. My college advisor, Les Anderson, always told me that was the story I should tell and he always gave great advice. I hope you keep checking back for more information on this book as it becomes available.    

If you want to check out what I am working on now, I am currently writing the Into the West Saga Serial as Stephen Burckhardt, Western Author. The first six novellas and one special edition of part two (which contains part one and part two in one volume are) are available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Check out Stephen's webpage  for more information


To appeal to a wider market, Dianne decided to write a novella serials instead of full-length novels. This makes her books entertaining, quick reads many readers can finish in a weekend. They are perfect for busy people, and honestly, who isn't busy these days?

The western collection is called The Territories Saga Serials Collection. Each saga serial will consist of 5 or  more novellas. Each novella will be titled with the name of the saga serial and a subtitle for the novella. The first saga serial in The Territories Sage Serials Collection is the Into the West Saga Serial.