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Welcome to the virtual home of Dianne Burckhardt - Kansas born award-winning author and designer, narrator of books, creator of worlds, blessed wife to an amazing husband and bonus-mom to two incredible daughters, "mom" to the world's most adorable rescued Russian furbaby, proud owner of a malformed brain, maker of tasty burritos, watcher of Sci-fi, reader of JR Ward and Patricia Briggs, listener of Pink and Green Day, fan of Silent Bob, follower of Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias, Comic Con goer, and a Marvel girl all the way (though I make an exception for Batman). Stan Lee Lives! Excelsior! In 2020, she was an Inspire Award Finalist for the HER-Abilities Award and has been nominated again in 2022. 

Dianne Burckhardt
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Again, welcome dear reader. I appreciate you being brave enough to check out my site (I can be a bit odd at times . . . okay, most of the time) and for having an interest in my career. I have spent the last few years writing westerns as a dude (pen name: Stephen Burckhardt) and working on the social media and website for that pen name.I plan to be working more under my own name within a year or so after I finish the Into the West Sagsa Serial including the audiobooks. It should go faster now that I'm somewhat "out of the closet" as it were as Stephen, it was dark in there. Read more. 

November News

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Author Dianne Burckhardt
Wins Prestigious Global Award 


(Bolton, UK) Award-winning, indie author, Dianne Burckhardt, has won a SheInspires Award for 2022 against strong international competition.

Dianne, who became an award-winning indie author after surviving numerous brain surgeries in 2004, won the SHEro Award, global category, for her perseverance against tremendous odds to rebuild her life, language skills, and career.

“I was absolutely shocked when they called my name,” explained Dianne. “The competition was incredible this year and the other finalists are just amazing women. I was a finalist in 2020 for the HER-Abilities award but didn’t win that year. I was so surprised when I was nominated this year. I still don’t know who nominated me, but I’m so grateful to them for this.  I plan to use this award to build my advocacy program, The Mutant Chronicles on TikTok, to bring more attention to those of us living with neurological conditions and brain damage.”

This is the eighth year the SheInspires Awards have been held and only the third year going international. Entries have come in from countries including Denmark, India, South Africa, the Unites States, the UAE, Australia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Spain, Doha, Germany, and Turkey as well as from across the UK.

Awards’ organizer Gulnaz Brennan commented: “The quality of the nominations has been outstanding. We have had 187 finalists in 17 categories and the job of the judges was particularly difficult. Opening up the awards internationally offers a special way of recognizing truly amazing women from around the world today including Dianne Burckhardt and I’m very proud of their success.”

Dianne currently resides in Düsseldorf, Germany with her husband, Pedro, and their rescue dog, Shaggy, where she writes and self-publishes books, hosts a book podcast, and creates The Mutant Chronicles video series.

From the SheInspires website:

"This special SHEro Award is to celebrate and shine a light on women who are an inspiration everyday. This award will celebrate one woman whose kindness and dedication inspires us. This award will also recognise women who despite disabilities (physical or mental) inspire by their positive contribution to the community, workplace, family or just her own life. Her everyday selfless acts of compassion make our homes, our neighbourhoods and our world a better place. Open to all women from all walks of life."

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Congratulations to all the incredible

women in this category:

Lebogang Mashigo, South Africa

Marianne Agolia, Nigeria

Moanaro Imchen, India

Swati Garg, USA

Ulyana Kyrychuk, Ukraine 

Book Banter Podcast 

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with Dianne Burckhardt 

November 30th
Join Dianne and Her Guest USA Today Bestselling Romance Author,

Sonali Dev.

They chat about her writing and  influences, and she reads the first chapter of her new book,
The Vibrant Years.

Available December 1st

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Season One of Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt is Ending Soon!
Be sure to catch all the current episodes before we take our Holiday Break.
Don't worry, we will replay our best interviews while we are away setting up for Season Two.  

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Since dealing with her own health crisis in 2004, Dianne has understood all too well how difficult it can be to cope with serious health changes, especially when they permanently alter your life. It can be even more daunting when these new challenges are hidden from the outside world.

While it can be easier for some people to understand the need for accommodations for a person in a wheelchair or someone who uses visible medical assistance devices, it can add stress to a physically challenged person when your unique challenges are hidden. 

Dianne has learned a great deal in the 18 years she has been dealing with her neurological conditions. It was her desire to help those who come after her with their own unique challenges to have to struggle less than she had to do.  To reach those individuals who are facing their own challenges and those who live and work with those people, Dianne created the Mutant Chronicles on TikTok.

The Mutant Chronicles are a series of videos where Dianne talks about what it is like to live with neurological challenges and ways she has found to cope with different obstacles. She also includes helpful information for those who want to help people with special challenges without overstepping boundaries or taking more independence for the challenged individuals in their lives. 

Dianne hopes to increase her advocacy for other challenged individuals. She believes that if sharing her story can make even one other person feel more understood and less alone in their daily challenges, it is worth all of the effort.