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Book Banter S3 EP110: Eve Black Interview

Hello My Happy People,

Today I get to share with you my interview with spicy romance author Eve Black. She has a great deal of experience writing various forms of romance from sweet and loving to her hot and spicy motorcycle club (MC) books we talked about in today's episode.

Many authors take on pen names for various reasons. Some take on these pseudonyms in an attempt to keep their personal and working lives separate. Others do it to keep an obvious separation in the various genres they write. 

Whatever the reason, writing under a pen name can provide the writer a freedom that is not always possible otherwise. When Eve Black decided to expand her romance author offerings, a pen name seemed like a good option as she expanded her catalog of work from her sweet, historical romance books and her dark, sexy medieval romances to her hot and spicy MC Club books. 

As Eve Black, she has been able to bring her readers edgier tales that are filled with characters who revel in their raw sexuality, but still seek out real romantic connections and acceptance in worlds where that is not always easy to find or trust. 

Eve delivers strong, plus sized heroines who can stand on their own, toe to toe with their male counterparts. These independent female characters have not appealed to all of her readers. A scant few seem to prefer the demure, archetype that is often prevalent in mainstream romance, but Eve does not consider them her target market with this series. 

If Amazon reviews are any indication, Eve seems to have found her market. With hundreds of glowing reviews on her Savage Raiders MC books, it is obvious that the vast majority of her readers love her characters and are waiting breathlessly for more offerings in this hot and spicy romance series. 


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Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt

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Manic Monday TikTok Vlog

Time for more Love Fest Dad Jokes!

After you listen to today's guest author, you will understand why we chose

these jokes ... enjoy!

Q: How do bikers greet their girlfriends?

A: With hogs and kisses!

Q: What is a motorcycle's favorite food?

A: Donuts

Q: What does a witches motorcycle sound like?

A: Broom broom broom broom.

Q: What do you call a chopper with no tires?

A: A groundhog.

Q: Which motorcycle has the best sense of humor?

A: A Yama-hahaha.

Q: What is a motorcycles favorite web browser?

A: Chrome

Q: What do you call a minister on a motorcycle?

A: Rev.

Q: Why couldn’t the motorcycle get across town?

A: It was two tired.

Q: Why is your dog in trouble?

A: He keeps chasing people on motorcycles. I still know how he's getting the keys.

And last but not least . . .

Q: What does a pirate's motorcycle sound like when you rev it?

A: RUM rum rum rum!


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