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Book Banter S3 EP 113: Boo Trundle Interview

Updated: May 13

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Hello My Happy People,

Today I am sharing with you the amazing interview I had with author Boo Trundle. We had a very deep discussion about the introspective process behind writing books, fiction or nonfiction, that the author puts so much of themselves into the work and how it can affect not only the author but those around them.

It has been said that there are no more original stories, only retellings. Boo not only defies that notion with her book, The Daughter Ship, but completely blows it out of the water.  Her story of a wife and mother struggling with mental illness gives an incredibly unique take on the way people cope with inner demons.

While it is often common practice for writers to describe characters such as Boo Trundle’s Katherine as using different methods to suppress disturbing thoughts and emotions, readers would be hard pressed to find another work where they were quite literally trapped in a submerged submarine.

While The Daughter Ship is Boo’s first published novel, with her creative past, it is easy to understand how she would have the skills and experience to craft such an imaginative and engaging book. Boo is not only a writer and an author but she is also an artist and a performer. Don't wait ... go listen to her interview now and hear all the details from the author herself.

Author Links:

Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt

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Manic Monday TikTok Vlog

Time for more Dad Jokes!

How about some underwater jokes inspired by today's podcast guest.

Q: How advanced are the crews on a submarine?

A: Their pride runs very deep!

Q: Did you hear the navy now has working dogs on submarines?

A: They're sub-woofers.

Q: Did you hear about the submarine manufacturing industry?

A: It has really taken a dive.

Q: What kinds of grades did the submarine get at school?

A: Try as he might he couldn't get above c-level.

Q: Why do you want to quit your job on a submarine?

A: It's so stressful, I'm always under a lot of pressure.

Q: Is it true we all have a submarine in our heads?

A: Yes, it's called the sub-conscious.

Q: Why did you trash the wooden submarine you carved?

A: It looked good but it just didn't go down so well.

Q. How do you sink a submarine full of imbeciles?

A: Easy, just knock on the door.

Q: Did you get fired from your job as a submarine pilot?

A: Yes, and I just don't get it. My performance reviews always said my work was sub-standard!

And last but not least . . .

Q: Why did the car company stop trying to make a submersible car?

A: Because it kept surfacing too quickly and the drivers kept getting the Mercedes-Bends.


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