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In Season one of Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt, the podcast was just finding its footing in the podcasting world. Book Banter began as a podcast version of the regular weekly Whatever Wednesday blog, a way to publicize Burckhardt Books and its authors. Dianne soon got bored with just talking about her own books week after week and began reaching out to her author and professional friends to come on the podcast and discuss their work and the business of writing/publishing. It was this change that caused Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt's audience to grow and become so much more diverse. 

We created this interview archive for season one because Book Banter had so few guest authors on the show the first year, people might have trouble finding them in the mix of all the episodes from that season. At the end of season one, we began having publicists reaching out to us to have their author clients on the podcast. Since then, the format of has changed to be an author interview podcast and less about Dianne's own works in progress. Mosts episodes now feature a new author promoting a current book or their body of work available to the public.  You can subscribe to the show at or on any of the major podcast hosting sites and never miss an author interview.

If you love books like we do, you do not want to miss this podcast! 

Season 1 Guest Interviews (2022):

EP 6 March 9 - Sharon Stephens, Writer 


Sharon was born in California during WWll. The family moved to Missouri when she was 3 and lived there on a farm for three years. The family later moved to Kansas where she has lived ever since. Sharon did not finish high school, but she refused to let that hold her back. With common sense and willingness to work, she earned a management position with a Fortune 500 company. Sharon has written for the company's newsletter and their safety and quality manuals. When she needs more of a challenge (or gets bored), she writes short stories. Her favorites are very short stories with a twist ending, though she believes this bio to be the hardest thing she has ever written.

Book Banter EP 6 (3.9.22): Writer: Sharon Stephens
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Season 2 Guest Interviews (2023):


EP 51: Feb. 1 - LM Wilson, author of The Last of the Spirit Drakes

EP 52: Feb. 8 - LeRoy A Peters, author of The Edge of the World Series

EP 53: Feb. 15 - C. D'Angelo,  Author of The Difference and The Visitor


EP 54: Feb. 22 - Val Collins, Author of the Aoife Walsh Books 

EP 71: June 21 - Kirstie Page, Visual Storyteller and Author


EPs 56/57: March 8th/15th - Lance Steen Anthony Nielsen, Author of Diamonds in the Sky Series 


EP 58: March 22nd - David Gibson, PhD FRSB, Author of Planting Clues: How Plants Solve Crimes. 


EP 59: March 29 - Linaya DiNoto, Science Fiction Author of Lithaflora: The Chrysalis: The Forever After Series    


EP 61: April 12 - Kelly Florence, Screenwriter/Podcaster/Co-Author of The Science of Series

EP 61/63: April 12/19 - Stephanie LaVigne, Cozy Mystery Author of Headlines, Deadlines, and Lies

EP 64: May 3rd - Stephen Burckhardt, Historical Fiction Author of The Into the West Saga Serial  

EPs 66 & 67 : May 17 & 24 - Nzondi (Ace Antonio Hall), Award-Winning Horror Author of Oware Mosaic

EP 68: May 24 - Benecia Ponder, author coach and bestselling author

EP 69: May 31 - Diann Floyd Boehm, Children's Book Author/Educator/Podcaster

EP 70: June 7 - Angela R. Hughes, Historical epic fantasy author

EP 71: June 14 - Donna Edman, Photographer/Visual Storyteller/Author


EP 72: June 21 - Wendy Jo Cerna, Christian Fantasy/Family Life Author

The Archive

Welcome to the Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt archive. 


I wanted to have a seperate page for all my guest interviews to make it easier to find my podcast guests. These people are some of the most fascinating individuals I have had the pleasure to meet and it was such an honor to get to share them and their expertise with all of you. I hope you enjoyed listening to these podcast episodes and if you haven't checked them out, what are you waiting for? Grab a drink, settle in, click a name, and have a listen.



Season 1

The Interviews

Dianne Burckhardt

Dianne Burckhardt, Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt podcast host (Episode 1)