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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Today was a busy day, unfortunately very little of my time has been spend on writing. I got up early today for an appointment with my new family doctor. Today was blood work and next Monday is my first physical, can you lose 50 pounds in a weekend? The good news is, I already like this practice better than the last one.

The last doctor I saw was a nice lady but was more like a nurse practitioner. She basically doled out antibiotics and sent you to other doctors when you needed more than that. The entire year I was seeing her, she only took my blood pressure twice, never took my temperature, and never even asked me about my weight or height. When I went in with upper respiratory issues, she never checked to see if it was bacterial or viral, she just gave me antibiotics and told me to drink tea and rest. The practice is I going to now seems more like real full service doctors office. I think the first lady will be good if I get strep or something and cannot get in to see my new doctor but other than that, she just doesn't meet my needs.

After I left the doctors office, I ran a lot of errands. I did grocery shopping, picked up a gas bottle for the Soda Stream (funny thing, we only ever make carbonated water with ours, We do not like the soda syrups but we drink several bottles of soda water a day), mailed a birthday gift to my mom (Happy Birthday, Mom), and stopped by my school to see if my test results were in. While they do not have the certificates ready to be picked up, I was able to find out my score.

The bad news is, I did not get the perfect score I was hoping for but the good news is I only missed it by one. I was so bummed when the secretary told me that. We both laughed. You only had to get 15 out of 33 right to pass the test and I got 32. I hate getting so close to a perfect score and missing out. Ah well, at least I do not have to take anymore classes . . . though I might take more later just because I want to.

As for the ugly, it's really not so much ugly as ineffective. I have had people comment the covers of my books make them think they are more history books and not fiction. So to try to help connect the book series to the website and give a more fiction book kind of feel, I'm working on new cover art to be launched when the third book, Into the West: Sharon Springs, is released.

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have already seen the covers I have been working on for the first installment, Into the West: The Orphan Train. Some people have expressed concern that people tend to repurchase books by mistake when people reissue the same book with a new cover. I plan to make a not of it in the print history that this is a reprint with new cover art. If you only purchase the ebooks, you should get update information when the new art is ready and you can just download the update. It should tell you that you have already purchased that book if you try to buy it again.

So that pretty much covers my day. P.R. was at home working all day. When I finally got home and settled in to work on book stuff, I had such a headache from not eating all day as I couldn't eat before the doctors appointment, and only had enough cash with me to get a coffee and a muffin afterward. When I got home, P.R. was in the mood to go for a walk to de-stress after having meetings all day. After about 40 minutes, P.R. came back home and brought dinner, döners for two! Mine was vegetarian, of course. If you have never had a döner, I highly recommend them! Is it any wonder I call P.R. my better half?

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