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A Learning Experience

As you may all know, my Into the West Saga Serial is my first real attempt at writing books. I had worked as a journalist and have full confidence when writing articles but books are something I am still learning how to do with actual skill.

Since I have no real money to invest in hiring people to handle my social media, design the graphic for my products, edit everything from websites to my books, etc. I am doing it pretty much on my own. With this comes the certainty that I will make mistakes. I found two such mistakes this week.

For those of you who have joined my Members Only page on my website and have already downloaded the free companion short, Sonya's Home, I apologize. As I was updating everything this week, I realized I had previously linked the rough draft of Sonya's Home to the download page instead of the final draft. I can only imagine what you thought of it when you read it. The first draft was a bit of a jumbled mess if I do say so myself. If you would like to download the companion short again, it is linked to the correct version now.

The other mistake I found was I wrote November in a book when I meant October. It makes the timeline in that part of the story a little strange. I plan to correct this when I reissue the books with the new cover art. For those who have the eBook, you should get a notice that you can download and update for free. For those of you who have print, I'm sorry for the mistake.

However, this is part of the reason why I wanted to write these stories as serials. I knew there would be a learning curve to for me to figure out how to do all of this correctly. I figured if I publish in smaller sections, I would making fewer and fewer mistakes as the stories progressed. So far this has proven to be true for the most part. I am getting better at all of this, and faster, but I am human and will always be prone to making the occasional mistakes.

Luckily, I am not the kind of person who is afraid to step up and admit when they are wrong. I'm actually wrong quite often and have gotten used to admitting it.

So, thank you for sticking with me through my sincere efforts to give you good heart wrenching stories. I may not be the best writer around but I will always do my best for you. Thank you!

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