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Manic Monday: Anger Management

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Hello My Happy People!

I sincerely hope you are all happy today. Recently, I have been doing a lot of personal introspection and dealing with a lot of my own anger management issues. If you know me you might actually be surprised to find out that I deal with anger issues every single day. I love the line in The Avengers when Bruce Banner says that his secret is that he is always angry. I wanted to just yell at the screen, "Me too, Bruce, Me too!"

It has been a problem since I was a child, but has gotten worse as I got older and had to deal with employment issue and health issues and all the other life things. My prefered method of dealing with anger has always been to just shove it all down and try to keep it to myself, but that is proving to be more and more problematic as I get older.

I know avoidance is not a healthy way to deal with emotional issues and in fact it can just save all your issues up to pop out and spill over onto random situations, making even simple confrontations more problematic. So now I'm dealing with some things head on to try to lighten my emotional baggage. It's good to deal with this all, but it's stressful too. I do believe it will all be worth it though and will make all my relationships better.

I truly hope you are all in a good place emotionally and physically. Writing has always been a great stress reliever for me. Right now I am using some of my anger in what I am writing for The Touch. Nothing like creating a character based on someone you are angry with and then killing them off (only fictionally) in a horrific and brutal way (to be honest, sometimes I worry about myself when I giggle as I write these scenes). It can be so therapeutic ... even if it is a tad creepy.

This weekend P.R. and I tried to find me a new evening gown for the She Inspires awards ceremony in Bolton, UK, but we did not have any luck in town so we went to the internet. I was more than happy to wear my brown dress I wore for my 40th and 49th birthdays, but P.R. thought I needed something new and more colorful. We found a nice dress online and it should be here in a few days. I hope it fits because we really do not have time to find anything else. Though I'd still be happy to wear my brown dress, I love it even if it is about 15 years old.

I have a few hours of writing planned for today. I hope to make some good progress. I need to read some today too. I'm finishing up the book I was given by a publicist who would like me to interview the author on my podcast. When I have the details set, I will let you know. So far, I'm enjoying her book.

That is all for today, people. I hope you have a wonderful week!!!


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