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Friday Funnies: Home Sweet Home ...

(Two of our Disney Souvenirs)

Hello My Happy People,

I hope you had a great time wherever you are while we were off on vacation. Things did not turn out quite as planned for us (but when do they ever) but we still managed to have a mostly wonderful trip.

We started off in Turin, Italy to visit our friends who recently moved there from Chile. The first day, we walked around the downtown area and visited a huge market. The second day did not cooperate. A cold front came in with lots of rain so we stayed in and played cards and watched movies. Since the actual point of going to Turin was to spend time with our friends, the weather do not ruin our plans.

The next day we flew out to France and spent three days at EuroDisney. This was a very big deal as my better half, P.R., had never been to a Disney park in his life. We stayed at Harbor Bay in the Disney Resort and was a short walking distance to the parks. We managed to see most everything we had hoped to see while there. The last day was rained out but we really only lost a few hours of our planned stay so all in all, it was a good experience.

The trouble came when we went to Paris for the last few days of our trip. We had planned to see several sites and revisit a few of our favorites from our honeymoon trip. We went to the Eiffel Tower on our honeymoon but did not go up in it. We bought skip the line ticket to go up in the Tower this time around but it was not to be.

P.R. caught a cold (not CoVid, we tested) while we were at Disney and it stayed pretty mild for him, sniffles and a slight cough. The trouble came when I caught it from him. With my health the way it is, I tend to catch everything I'm exposed to and when I get it, it's always much worse than expected. I was in bed for three days, we missed all our sights in Paris. I'm still coughing and sneezing almost a week later. We just had to reschedule our plans for tomorrow. What can you do but say, C'est la vie!

P.R. keeps saying we can always go back to Paris and have a re-redo on the sightseeing. It's only about an hour flight from where we live so it's not an expensive trip for us. When I lived in Wichita, Kansas it would be about the cost and distance of going to Dallas, Texas for a weekend. We already have another trip planned for November.

We will be going to Bolton, UK over Thanksgiving. The She Inspires ward ceremony is the 24th of November and will be there for the celebration. We will be flying into Manchester. It will be very nice to spend a few days there. We have been to London before, but this will be our first trip to Manchester. It should be exciting even if I do not win my category.

Because of everything going on, I am considering taking the holiday's off to focus on friends and family. I have been working on book stuff one way or another practically non-stop since 2015. These last two weeks off have been incredible I have gotten great sleep and I find that the stories are talking to me a lot more. I think I need to set up office hours and not work o book stuff outside of those hours, start having a full life again, not just write.

I have a lot of balancing I need to figure out and I will get it done just like I get everything done, with sheer determination! I will make it all work ... be sure to keep checking these blogs and podcasts to see what I accomplish. Thank you to all who have kept following me through the mistakes, missteps, and madness. I do not promise I will ever do things any better, I only ever promise to do my best to keep producing content and to be entertaining!

Have a great weekend (vacation photos coming soon).



Q: What kind of air should you breathe if you want to be rich?

A: Million - aire.

Q: What did one plate say to the other plate?

A: Tonight, dinner's on me.

Q: Did you hear the king had to go to the dentist?

A: He needed to get a new crown.

Q: What happens when doctors get frustrated?

A: They lose their patients.

Q: Why do nurses like to carry a red crayon?

A: In cast the need to draw blood.

Q: What kind of jewelry do rabbits wear?

A: 18 carrot gold.

Q: Why can't the bad sailor recite the alphabet?

A: Because he keeps getting lost at C.

Q: Why did the boy bring a ladder on the bus?

A: He wanted to go to high school.

Q: How did the slow barber manage to win the race?

A: He knew a shortcut.

Q: What do you call a cow with no legs?

A: Ground beef.

Q: Why shouldn’t you trust trees?

A: They all tend to throw shade.

Q: How do you fix a broken tomato?

A. With tomato paste.

Q: What kind of music are balloons afraid of?

A. Pop music.

And last but not least ...

Q: Why did the orange stop in the middle of the road?

A: It ran out of juice.

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