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Book Banter S3EP 107: La Toya Bond Interview

Trigger Warning: Discussion of death by sui©ide and taking another person's life   Three words in today's show have been bleeped to prevent this show from being dropped on some platforms. The words are: sui©ide, mu®de® and ki11ing. 

Hello My Happy People,

When you talk to La Toya Bond, it is difficult to image she has faced heartbreaking loss of a great love in her life. She has a bubbly personality, is easy to laugh, and has dedicated her life to spreading love wherever she can. This mission in her life was born out of great loss. Just four years ago, her family was shocked and devastated to learn her beloved father had died by his own hands after first taking the life of his wife. The couple had only been married nine months.  

Herman McKalpain Jr. had, by all accounts, an amazing life. He was one of the first people in his family to go to college. He was considered a very intelligent and talented person with a quick wit who always had a ready joke. According to La Toya, her father had a decorated career as a radio/TV broadcast engineer for thirty years and was a local celebrity. His life seemed blessed, but behind closed doors he suffered with depression and other internal battles that eventually overpowered him. 

​Looking back, La Toya questions conversations she and her father had in the final years of his life. She is left wondering if she knew then what she knows now, would she have picked up on the subtle signs he was giving and been able to change his fate and prevent the horrible loss of life that befell their family. 

Be sure to check out La Toya's Speaking of Love Podcast. She recently had me as a guest on her show where we talked more about this important topic. You can also find more information in the current issue of Book Banter Magazine (link below). 

In the USA, Dial ​988 Sui©ide Prevention Lifeline

In the EU, Dial 116 123 for people in emotional distress



Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt

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Manic Monday TikTok Vlog

Time for more Love Fest Dad Jokes!

Q: Who always has a date on Valentine's Day?

A: A calendar.

Q: What Valentine's message can you find in a honeycomb?

A: Bee mine.

Q: Why did the magnet hit on the refrigerator?

A: He found her to be very attractive.

Q: What's the best recipe for a perfect morning on February 14?

A: A hug and a quiche.

Q: What did one piece of toast say to the other?

A: You're my butter half!

Q: Why didn't the two dogs make serious Valentine's Day plans?

A: Because it was just puppy love.

Q: When do bed bugs fall in love?

A: In the spring.

Q: What did Hershey's bar say its date who arrived 2 hours after they were supposed to meet?

A: You're choco-late.

Q: Why are artichokes so beloved?

A: They're known for their hearts.

Q: How did the orca ask the other on Valentine's Day?

A: Whale you be mine?

And last but not least . . .

Q: What do you call a colorful heart that loves books?

A: Well-red.


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