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Whatever Wednesday: TikTok Recipes

Hello, Posse!

Today is going to be another short and sweet blog. I'm falling asleep at the computer and it's only 5 pm. I usually only have coffee in the morning I switch to water or tea pretty quick. Not today, I'm trying to stay awake, so more coffee than usual has been needed. It maybe then only reason I'm even moderately coherent.

I do not know if you all are into TikTok or not, but one thing I do love on this platform is the recipes. This dish you see above is easily one of my favorites. In fact, this is what we will be having for dinner tonight. The TikTok pasta, feta, and tomato dish is so easy to make and tastes fantastic! I make some "shortcut" garlic bread knots to go with it and no one ever knows how easy this meal was to put together. Well, if the read my blog . . . they know now.

Check out Grilled Cheese Social's video and see just how easy this dish is to make. Be sure to subscribe to Chef MacKenzie Smith's YouTube channel for more great recipes.

For my garlic knots, I use a can of ready made crescent rolls, butter, powdered garlic, Italian spices and some shredded cheese. Unroll the crescent rolls and lightly butter them. Sprinkle with garlic and spices, top with a little cheese and roll up and bake per directions on crescent roll package. You can alway add a nice side salad to really round out the nutrients.

Just a little update, I have managed to work out the issues with the new first chapter of part 6, Into the West: Last Showdown. Part of the problem was I was trying to cram everything I needed in the story into one chapter. I finally just deiced to split it into two chapters to make it make more sense. I hope to have it finished this weekend. We will see what I can make happen.

Keep watching the social media for information and release dates as soon as they go live.

Thanks for going on this journey with me, posse! You will never be able to understand how much your support means to me!

Have a great day,



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