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Whatever Wednesday: Serial News

Hello Posse!

I hope you are all doing well and are surviving the summer heat. It has been crazy hot here in Germany. It has been in the upper 90s for about a week now. I know a lot of you in the U.S. are probably thinking, "90s? Pshaw, that's not so horrible." I get that. I am from Kansas where 100+ degrees in late summer is not unusual. The difference being, here in Germany, and actually many places in Europe, air conditioning is not a common thing. That makes even low 90s nearly unbearable. I already asked my husband to promise me when we buy a house, it will have air conditioning in at least one room.

The past few days, while I was sitting in the dark, in front of a fan, with a bottle of ice behind it to cool the breeze down, trying not to move too much and generate heat, I had plenty of time to think about my serial. The characters have so much more story to tell than I can get into just one more book, so the Into the West Saga Serial will have six book in the saga.

I had originally planned to have the next book be Into the West: Family Ties. I even had a book cover almost finished for it. But now I am not so sure I will be using that. The Fifth book will definitely not be Family Ties. I am still playing with some ideas and getting the title set so I can look for cover art to go with it. I hope to have it all figured out here soon.

But for now, the big news is there will be two more books coming in this serial. I am hoping to have them both done before Christmas but we all know how my best laid plans go, so we will see how it all works out. I just know that the characters keep telling me there is more story to tell and they all want their time to tell you their stories before we move on. It seems only fair to let them do it.

Keep watching for more details we all figure things out. I hope to at least have a title for you all very soon.

Have a great Wednesday,



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