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Whatever Wednesday: Promotions

Hello, Posse!

I hope you are having a great week. I am starting to relax a bit more. Last week, Pedro had to go out of town on the first business trip since CoVid19 hit the world. I was a little worried about Pedro having to take the five hour train ride and having to tour several plants and all the people he was going to have to meet with, but I trust him to take the right precautions to keep up both safe and healthy. Stress can have odd effects on me with my neuro conditions. I can get very absent minded. To be honest, I was having some issues before Pedro left. My biggest stresser was I was very worried I would end up locking myself out of the house while he was gone.

With Pedro being so far away and the landlord being out of town too, there is no one close by who has a spare key to let me back in. I actually ended up put my keys on a lanyard and hooking the cord over the doorknob and then sat the keys on the table by the door. This put a barrier between me and the door that I had to remove to be able to go out the door, thus reminding me to grab my keys before I left the house. It worked well.

On to business . . .

I have been thinking about promotional items for a while now and I was wondering how much of an interest is there really in this kind of thing for a book series? I had begun setting up a store online a while back, but the the merchandise provider ended up having a stock issue and I was never able to get things set up.

I have some cute designs that would easily go on mugs, bags, and T-shirts. You can see the ones for the Black Coyote Saloon here. I personally want he tin cup design.

This could be a lot of work getting a tore set up and I am just not sure it would have enough of a payoff to make it worth the time and effort. Should I create a few items like these or just stick with my items I use for free giveaways like the book bag, the bookmarks, and pens that have my pen name in them. I also have free downloadable fun pages on the Members Only page in case you haven't joined there yet. It's free to join, no strings attached, and you can quit at any time.

Let me know what you think, posse. Your opinion matters!

Take care, posse!



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