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Whatever Wednesday: Part Six!!

Hello Posse!!!

I am so frustrated at the moment. I am so close to finishing Part Six, Into the West: Last Showdown, but life keeps getting in my way. I was trying so hard to finish it Monday night, but I literally started falling asleep while writing. That is not commentary on the story mind you, I was up writing until about 3 am. Yesterday was filled with chores around the house and all of my "other" responsibilities. I did not get more than a page written yesterday.

But . . . today is a new day and I am determined to get this book finished tonight. I have already finished all my chores around the house, I cooked extra food last night so we can have leftovers for dinner tonight, things only need to be warmed up, and after I finish this blog, I have nothing to do but write the book!

My amazing editor, Greg Wood, is ready and waiting for me to send him the book. If all things go as we have planned, I will have the book available for presale on September 19th, my birthday (a little happy birthday to me), and it will actually release on the birthday of our adorable rescue dog, Shaggy's, birthday on September 25th. I will let you know Friday if these will be our final dates.

Part Six, Into the West: Last Showdown is darker than some of the other books in this serial. I have touched a little on prejudices regarding the Irish at this point in American history, but now I am starting to deal with more characters from other races and ethnic backgrounds and the struggles they faced in the late 1850s. I want to stay true to history because I think those who have fought so long and hard for rights deserve honest representation, but at the same time I want these books to remain light, entertaining reads. Trying to do both is a serious tightrope walking act. I think I managed to hit a decent balance in this book.

I have really been enjoying writing the ending of this one. I want to keep stretching out the action because I'm having so much fun writing it, but I also want to wrap this book up without writing too much again. I do not want to have to try to manage another split! However, the ideas I'm having for this story are giving me thoughts about the next serial I want to write. Stay tuned for more on that later.

For now, I am just going to go get busy wrapping this book up so I can get started on part seven, the final book in this serial. I really want to have the last book ready for a Christmas release so that will be some serious work on my part to make that happen. If Murphy and his law would just take a seat for a while, it can happen.

The Business Stuff

If you haven't already started reading my books, why not start now? Check out them all out by clicking here ---> Into the West Saga Serial Collection. Parts one through five are available now on and Part six, Into the West: Last Showdown is coming soon! It is currently set for a September 19th presale for a September 25th release. Part seven, the final book in this serial, is slated for Christmas (cross your fingers).

Don't forget, you can join my mailing list and never miss out on news or upcoming release dates. Just go to our subscribers page (<--- click here) and give us your name and email address. When you join up, you get to read the first chapter of Into the West: The Orphan Train for free. If you haven't read my books this is a great way to try them out with no risk to you. The mailing list is free to join, quit anytime, no strings attached . . . ever! What have you got to lose? Join us today and start reading!

If you have started reading my books and you like the stories, please take a moment to help us out. Post a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or Barnes & Noble Booksellers, tell your friends about the books, ask your local library to carry them, or just share our posts and blogs on any social media platform. These things will cost you nothing but a little time, but it will make a huge difference for Stephen Burckhardt and everyone working on the books.

It is a serious, constant struggle to get indie books noticed, especially when you do not have a budget for advertising. We have been at this for six years now and are still not even close to making a profit. We continue to do this because we all love it, but the goal for the books is for them to become financially self-sustaining at some point (hopefully soon). So any help you can give us to make that happen is greatly appreciate.

I hope you are having a fantastic week, posse!

Thanks for being on this ride with us!



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