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Whatever Wednesday: National Teddy Bear Day Again

(Photo by Denis from Pexels)

Hello, Posse!

Happy National Teddy Bear Day! Teddy Bears have been a favorite toy of children since the early 1900s. The toy was actually created because of a story of Teddy Roosevelt sparing the life of a bear.

The story was reported that Roosevelt, who was an avid big game hunter, had been invited by Mississippi's Governor Andrew H. Longino for a bear hunt near Onward, Mississippi in 1902. Roosevelt did not have luck that trip and had not spotted a single bear. One of Roosevelt's assistants corned a bear and tied it to a tree. Roosevelt was brought to the tree to shoot the bear, but he refused saying it was unsportsmanlike.

When word got out about Roosevelt sparing the bear's life, the public took notice. Articles were written about the event and Clifford Berryman, a political cartoonist, drew a cartoon depicting the hunt and Roosevelt's encounter with the bear. The cartoon was published in the Washington Post on November 16, 1902.

Morris Michtom owned a candy shop in Brooklyn, NY. Michtom and his wife, Rose, also made stuffed animals. When they saw the cartoon of Roosevelt and the bear they had an idea. The couple created the first Teddy Bear, dedicating it to the president and his encounter with the bear.

Clifford Berryman's 1902 cartoon lampooning

The Teddy Bear was well received and Teddy Roosevelt sparing the bear.

Michtom was able to get permission from

Roosevelt to use his name in connection with the bears. The bears became so popular, he began mass producing the bears and created the Ideal Toy Company to meet the demands.

Even today with the plethora of electronic toys and devices, the Teddy Bear is still an

extremely popular toy for all ages.

The Teddy Bear even spawned a song that is still a popular children's song today. The song The Teddy Bears' Picnic was composed in 1907 by Walter Bratton. Lyrics were added in 1932 by Jimmy Kennedy. Over the years, the song has been recorded by various artists including Anne Murray whose video is posted below.

In the Into the West Saga Serial different children are described as hugging rag dolls and bunnies but there is no mention of Teddy Bears. This is because the events in the Saga take place The bear my sister and I before the creation of this favorite toy.

both loved as children.

Many people have a strong emotional attachment to their childhood Teddy Bear. They can be a great sense of comfort and emotional support. There are programs that provide bears to first responders to give to children in stressful situations to help give them comfort. There are several groups across the US that collect bears and donate them to first responders. A quick Google search will put you in touch with a group in your area if you would like to donate bears or money to support the programs.

Even animals can love the comfort of a Teddy Bear. Our rescue dog, Shaggy, loves his bear, George. He sleeps with him from time to time and loves to carry him around the house.

We would love to hear your personal favorite Teddy Bear or other childhood toy stories. Share your photos Shaggy and George

and comments on any of our social media.

Enjoy National Teddy Bear Day, posse!


Teddy Bear's Picnic Song - Sung by Anne Murray


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