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Whatever Wednesday: National Black Cat Day!

Hello, Posse!

I hope you are having a great week so far. I was coming in to write this blog today and honestly, I had nothin'. I am so tired and have been doing so much around the house lately, I'm wiped out.

I told Pedro I was going to do the blog on National Black Cat Day/Halloween and how people with black pets need to keep an eye on them in the coming week because some people have been known to hurt black animals around Halloween. Pedro just looked at me and asked, "You are out of ideas right now, aren't you?" The answer to that is, yes. Yes, I am. I know I will rally soon, but right now, I'm just burnt out.

However, I am looking forward to starting Into the West: Family Ties here next week. Pedro has a big project at work that will keep him very busy the next two weeks, so I am going to use all my alone time to focus on writing the last book and getting the companion puzzle book finished. I was even thinking about adding in a few holiday recipes from the time period as well. We will see what I can come up with.

But back to the National Black Cat Day. I remember this National Day because I love black cats. Not sure why, but I have always wanted to have one for a pet. There is something about a black cat with green eyes that just makes me want to pick it up and take it home with me. Shaggy likes cats and when we finally decide to buy a house, we plan to get Shaggy a kitty. It will be a female black cat (if I have my wish) and we will name her Velma.

If you have black dogs or cats, please bring them in house between now and Halloween. There are people who are not nice to animals who look for black animals this time of year. I would hate for anything to happen to your fur babies. But now we also need some positive Halloween fun. Check out the video below for some last minute Halloween party ideas.

Have a great week, Posse! And I promise, next wednesday will be a better blog, after I've had more sleep.

Take care,


Last Minute Halloween Party Ideas

Why are Black Cats Associated with Halloween?

NOTE: In this video, they mispronounce Samhain. It is pronounced Sow-win.


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