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Whatever Wednesday: Halloween Treats

Hello Posse!

I just love this time of year, the decorations, the costumes, the parties, and of course, the treats. I have been craving Rice Krispie Treats for a while now and I actually have the ingredients to make some. I get Marshmallow Fluff because, and most people don't know this, it is vegan where marshmallows are not.

Since we are so close to Halloween, I do not want to make just any Rice Krispie Treats, I want to make some Halloween inspired ones. A quick search found these cute Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats by Classy Cooking. (<--- click here to go to the recipe)

These cute little sweet treats should start to put anyone in the Halloween Spirit. These would be a great snack to munch on while watching the old classic horror flick Halloween staring Jamie Lee Curtis. I know it's not Monday Movie Madness day but I love that movie and will find any excuse to plug it. A pumpkin is a key prop in many of the scenes so this seems fitting.

One more little treat you might be interested in if you read my Into the West Saga Serial, I have just finished the cover for Part Five in the Serial and will be revealing it very soon. I have created a fun reveal overlay in a design program. We will see how well it works. So keep watching my social media for updates. It will be coming soon!

In keeping with the pumpkin theme, how about a blast from the past with another treat from Apple TV, It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown CBS Special (Oct.23,1986) (<--- click here to watch online). Right now you can try a 7 day free trial of Apple TV and check out this classic holiday special. What a great idea for family night, make some pumpkin treats and watch Charlie Brown and the gang in It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Just thinking about it brings back my childhood!

I hope you all have a safe and happy week. If you haven't done it yet, be sure to check out my books. Parts 1 to 4 of my Into the West Saga Serial are on sale now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

If you have read my books, please think about leaving a review somewhere. You have no idea how important reviews are to an indie author. Even if the entire review is just "I liked it" it will help a great deal. Many platforms only count the number of reviews not what they say. When you get past a certain number they start adding your books to their promotions automatically. It is advertising few indie authors, including myself, could afford to buy.

Thanks for following along with my journey and drop me a line sometime. I love to hear what people think of my work, the website, the blogs, anything really.

Have a great Wednesday!



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