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Whatever Wednesday: Christmas Movies!

Hello Posse,

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season. My husband and I have been getting into the Christmas spirit here. I have been making homemade eggnog and we have been watching a different Christmas movie every night.

When I was younger, I did not enjoy Christmas time at all and would actually avoid watching Christmas movies. It was my tradition to wait until Christmas Eve to buy a tree and put it up ad it came down on New Years Day. I would eat Chinese food on Christmas Eve as I watch horror movies. Since meeting my husband, we have been slowly changing these traditions. We still eat Chinese food on Christmas Eve but the movies are decidedly different now. The closest thing we watch to a horror movie now is Die Hard. It is still, and always will be, a Christmas Eve tradition.

Leading up to Christmas this year, we have watched everything from traditional holiday cartoons like How the Grinch Stole Christmas (I have had that Whoville Christmas song stuck in my head for a week now) and Rudolf's Shiny New Year to Netflix productions like The Christmas Prince trilogy. Recently we watched a new Netflix Christmas film starring Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis titled Holiday in the Wild. It was surprisingly good and I highly recommend it. It puts an emphasis on doing good for others (this includes animals) and not on spending money for things at Christmas.

There are a few movies that are always a must this time of year. I have to watch White Christmas, Meet Me in St. Louis, It's a Wonderful Life and the old 1951 A Christmas Carol starring Alastair Sim. Besides these there is the occasional edition of Gremlins, The Holiday, Love Actually, The Santa Clause movies, The Holiday Inn, and oh so many more!

If we watched movies all day long every weekend in December, we still would not watch everything we wanted to see before Christmas. Every year more and more holiday movies year being made, Lifetime could probably show at least one everyday of the year and still not go through their entire lineup. This does not even include the anti-holiday and horror movies like Bad Santa, Krumpus, Red Christmas, Santa's Slay, and Anna and the Apocolypse to name a few.

Now, I would love to know what are your favorite holiday movies? Please be sure to share your favorite films in the comments. They just might end up in our watch list next year.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


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