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Monday Movie Madness: Treasure of Ruby Hills

Hello Posse!

I hope you all had a wonderful, safe, happy, and health weekend! We had a quiet time at home, as usual. I have been moderating my two groups on Facebook and now I'm helping to moderate another four. I'm still tutoring a few ESL students each week and I am about to start work on part five of my serial, Into the West: Family Ties. Nothing like keeping yourself overextended to keep your mind off of current events, am I right?

Another great distraction is good movies! Today we have another movie based on a story by Louis L'Amour, Treasure of Ruby Hills. The original story The Rider of the Ruby Hills was released under the pen-name, Jim Mayo. In 1976, the story was added to and rereleased as Where the Long Grass Blows.

This movie is a little bit different from the other movies I have shared with you. This is the first movie I have not personally seen at some point in my life. This movie was suggest by my good friend Pete Wellenstein. If you read my books I am going to bet you recognize that name. He is the friend I named Doc Pete after. Pete gave me a huge list from his own personal movie library to keep me in western movie blogs for a few years. Thanks Pete!

The Treasure of Ruby Hills was released in black and white in 1955 by Allied Artists. It starred Zachary Scott, Carole Mathews, Barton MacLane, Dick Foran, and Lola Albright.

This film takes place in 1877. Wealthy men, Chalk Reynolds and Walt Payne, come into Ruby Hills Valley and begin to take over all the small landowners and ranchers. Reynolds and Payne, have their henchmen kill anyone who challenges their supremacy in the area. Thing become more complicated with the arrival of Ross Hayne. Hayne just happened to acquire a section of land that has the only source of water in the valley. Reynolds sends a henchmen to take care of the situation. The henchman makes a big mistake when he kills Hayne's partner.

Hayne's goes to Ruby Hills seeking revenge and learns there is another player looking to make a land grab in the area, Alan Doran. Hayne has to takes them all on in an all out fight for control over the land and water.

Be sure to check out my Facebook page (<--- click here) for today's movie snack recipe from, Hot Ranch Sausage Dip.

Grab your snacks and settle in, it's time for another great movie!



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