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Monday Movie Madness: The Virginian

Hello Posse,

I hope you all had a wonderful, peace-filled Easter Sunday, if you celebrate Easter, of course. We had a lovely quiet day at home. We had a fairly warm day to enjoy a simple Easter brunch and then pulled out all the stops for a nice family Easter dinner here at home. Today, however, we woke up to snow . . . yes, that white frozen stuff you see in winter . . . it's just not right!

I have not been in the mood to do much of anything today except drink hot tea and wrap up in a blanket, but I did find my motivation to get my blog done. I#m going to try to keep this short and sweet so I can see about getting another chapter finished on part 5, Into the West: Last Showdown. I am to have the first writing done this month. (Fingers crossed!)

Today's movie has had many incarnations from big screen features with A-list stars to a television series. Today, I have chosen to focus on the 1929 version starring Gary Cooper, Walter Huston, Richard Arlen, and Mary Brian, because I love Gary Cooper's work. One interesting note, Randolph Scott makes an appearance in this flick as well in an uncredited role, as Rider.

The Virginian was directed by Victor Fleming and was based on a 1902 novel by Owen Wister of the same name. The Story follows a man who is only known an "The Virginian" (Cooper). He is considered a good-natured cowboy and even befriends a drifter named, Steve (Arlen). A local cattle rustler, Trampas (Huston), faces off with The Virginian, but the men both walk away from the confrontation.

Later The Virginian and Steve both end up falling for the new schoolmarm in town, Mary (Brian). The Virginian loses out in the love department to his friend, but he still looks after Steve and even gives him a job at the Box H Ranch. The Virginian finds himself personally conflicted when he learns Steve has fallen in with Trampas and the cattle rustlers. He warns Steve to get away from the gang, but he doesn't listen. When the gang (without Trampas) steal cattle from the Box H Ranch, The Virginian is forced to kill the rustlers, including his own friend.

The Virginian ants revenge on Trampus for setting up his friend. Will The Virginian have his revenge? Will he get the girl? Check out the YouTube link below for the full movie.

Movie Snack

Today's movie snack it a bit more adventurous than my usual but when I found this, I could not pass it up. Since some of Virginia and West Virginia share part of the Appalachian Mountains, I thought a snack from that region might fit real nice with today's movie. So I give you, Fried Dandelions (Appalachian Style) from All Recipes by Micha Funk. (<--- click for recipe)

I do not know about you, but I am truly interested in trying this recipe. People tend to just think of Dandelions as weeds but they are wrong. Did you know that every single part of the dandelion is edible? They are actually a good source for vitamins A, C, and K and also provide some E and B vitamins including folate. Dandelions are also a good source for several minerals including magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium. Serve these up with some fried Dandelions up with some Sriracha mayo and I bet it will be a very tasty treat.

So now it's that time again, posse. Time to get your nacks and settle in for another great western movie!



Full Movie The Virginian 1929 - starring Gary Cooper

The line Cooper was known for from The Virginian.


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