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Monday Movie Madness: The Paleface

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Hello Posse!

Sorry this blog is getting out a little late. I have been working hard on finishing book four in the Into the West Saga Serial. You read that right, I am almost done writing it. Keep watching my social media or a sneak peak coming soon.

Now, on to tonights movie, The Paleface staring Bob Hope and Jane Russell. This film was released in 1948 Paramount Pictures. This western comedy was a Techincolor production was directed by renowned American director, cartoonist, and writer, Norman Z. McLeod.

Bob Hope plays dentist, Peter "Painless" Potter, to Jane Russell's Calamity Jane. Jane is in trouble with the law and given a chance to erase her crimes by working for federal agents to uncover a gang of gun runners. She is supposed to meet up with an agent out west and together they will pose as man and wife to root out the smugglers. However, a mole in the agency sends word and the agent Jane is set to meet ends up dead.

Quick thinking Jane teams up with Peter and marries him to keep up the pretence and continue her mission. The smugglers know that another agent is on their trail and mistakenly assume it is Peter. After accidentally crossing into Indian territory The group they are all traveling with takes refuge in a log cabin. When Peter gets locked out, he hides in a barrel when they are attacked by Indians. Peter, who is not good with a gun, shoot wildly from his hiding place. Jane secretly uses her sharpshooting skills and takes out all of the Indians. When everyone emerges after the gunfight, everyone thinks Peter was the hero, solidifying the smugglers suspicions that he is the agent on their trail.

As with many Bob Hope movies, his character fumbles his way into finding his courage and eventually manages to save the day and win over the girl, though there are many trials and tribulations he has to make his way through first. Hope sang the song Buttons and Bows in this film which won the Academy Award for Best Original Song that year. Hope would later film a sequel in 1952, Son of Paleface, which we will get to in a few weeks in the blog.

So, now is the time to get your popcorn and put it in the DIY movie snack try posted on my Facebook page (<-- click to go to it) today. Then sit back and enjoy a great western comedy.



Quarantine Bordem Hack:

If you have kids in the home with you (or just a few really bored adults) and you need to keep them busy for a while with a . . .

Scavenger Hunt!

Since everyone is stuck inside anyway why not have a scavenger hunt. The winner can choose the movie or TV show the family watches together on movie night.

To begin:

  1. Someone needs to make a list of 10-20 items they know exist in the home. It is better if there are not enough of everything to go around for all players. For example: if you have four players and you put, Book: Little Women, on the list but you know there is only one copy of that book in the home, then only the first person to find the book will be able to get that point. If you have four players and four copies of the book, you could end up with everyone having the same score at the end of the game.

  2. Set a timer for twenty minutes. When the timer goes off everyone must immediately come back to the starting area and share what they found.

  3. The player with the most correct items from the list is the winner. You can always make up different lists and play more than one round.

  4. Have fun!

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