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Monday Movie Madness: The Over The Hill Gang Rides Again!

Hello Posse!

I hope you all had a safe and wonderful weekend. We had a lovely cookout here at home yesterday. P.R. got a new toy for the grill and hung a whole chicken over the fire and slow roasted it all afternoon. Being a vegetarian, I rarely miss eating meat but once a while P.R. cooks something like that does tempt me. Besides, I think it makes P.R sad to have to cook my veggie hot dogs next to a meal prep like that. But that does just leave more for P.R. and Shaggy to enjoy.

I have been working on lots of little IT projects for the book serial that I had kept putting off while I was trying to get the last book finished. One of my projects is I am trying to make my websites multilingual as I am starting to get visitors to my site from other countries. I am also trying to break into the German market as American westerns are still somewhat popular there. The translation app does just use Google translation so it will not be perfect, but it will still make things better for my foreign visitors.

My page will also be available in Chilean Spanish. I chose this version of Spanish because so many of my friends and relatives speak it and I want them to be able to check out what I am doing. I have been trying to decide if I should add more languages. If you think I should offer something else, please let me know! I want my site to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible.

But for now, on with the show!

Today's flick is anther sequel, The Over the Hill Gang Rides Again! Last week, I introduced you to the made for TV movie The Over this Hill Gang and now I want to share the rest of the story with you.

This sequel is another made for TV movie that was featured as the movie of the week on ABC in 1970. This movie brought back several of the original cast members including Walter Brennan as Nash Crawford, Edgar Buchanan as Jason Fitch, Andy Devine as Amos Polk, and Chill Wills as Gentleman George Asque. This TV movie was a standout with the addition of noted movie star, Fred Astaire, joining the cast as the Baltimore Kid.

As in the original movie, this film follows a band of older Texas Rangers who come together to right some wrongs and save the day. Once again, the story centers around retired Sergeant Nash Crawford (Brennan). He meets up with his friend Gentleman George Asque (Wills) just as he is about to get into a brawl with a man who was sore about losing too many hands of cards to the man. Crawford saves the day by calling Asque "Wyatt" and letting the stranger think he is in fact Wyatt Earp.

Once they are safe, Crawford shows Asque a telegram he received signed "Friend," that states another friend of theirs, the Baltimore Kid (Astaire), is in danger and to please come quick. The pair and head out for Waco, TX to help. On their way, the pair seek out another former Ranger, Jason Fitch (Buchanan), who they find about to marry Louise Murphy (Lillian Bronson). Crawford and Asque convince Fitch to leave his bride and go with them on their mission.

In Waco, they are told the Baltimore Kid had been accused of robbing a Wells Fargo office and was lynched be the towns people. The Rangers go to the local saloon to drink to their fallen friend only to find that the mystery is deeper and more complex than they thought. With fast draws and even quicker thinking the Over the Hill Gang solves the mysteries and finally get to ride off into the sunset together.

Check out the full movie on YouTube linked below and be sure to look for today's movie treat recipe on my Facebook page. What better to go with an Over the Hill Gang movie than an old candy favorite, Old-Fashioned Divinity Candy by House of Nash Eats.

Grab your snacks and settle in, it's time for another great western!



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