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Monday Movie Madness: The Frisco Kid!

Hello Posse!

Look what I remembered to do! However, I am afraid this will be another short and sweet blog. I have been spending every waking moment (and many moments I should be sleeping) working on getting Part Four, Into the West: Most Wanted ready to go out to you this Father's Day June 21st. (BTW it is on pre-sale now! Kindle eBook (<--- click here) 6"x9" Paperback coming soon after or also on pre-sale now you can get the 5"x8" Paperback from B&N (<--- click here) it will be available June 26th.

Many people think you write a book and edit it and you're done. Not so for an indie author. I have to format my work for every different platform I want to make it available to, I design the covers, the website, the advertising, I manage, design, and produce all of the social media, marketing, and merchandise. It takes just about ever spare minute I can find.

Now, do not get me wrong, I'm not complaining about that! I love what I am doing but sometimes I have to choose where to spend my time. This week it needs to be on promotions to let people know the fourth book is FINALLY ready. A week or so after the release, I plan to take a break from most of the writing tasks before I start on Part Five, Into the west: Family Ties. My blogs will be more in depth again then.

But for now, on with the show!

The Frisco Kid is an American comedy western. It stars Gene Wilder and Harrison Ford, fresh off his Star Wars fame. Wilder plays a Polish rabbi, Avram Belinski, who is traveling to San Francisco with a Torah scroll where will be the new rabbi at a synagogue. Belinski is trusting and very naive. He meets up with a group of con men who trick him into paying for supplies for them all to head west together. Unfortunately, the men rob him and just leave a few of his personal belongings littered along the trail.

Despite his misfortune, Belinski is still determined to make it to San Francisco. With luck, he meets a few kind and helpful people on his travels. As he makes his way west, Belinski meets tommy Lillard (Ford), a kind-hearted bank robber who befriends him.

Through many trials and tribulations (and laughs) the pair form a great friendship as they face off once more with the conmen who took advantage of Belinski. They manage to get his belongings back but when the men cross paths again, not all will walk away. Belinski has a crisis of faith as he is forced to deal with realities in the Wild West. Lillard comes to his friends aid once more to help him find his way back to his faith.

In the end, Belinski finds a home in San Francisco and settles down in the community there with a new bride and his friend Lillard by his side.

This movie is another great Gene Wilder classic from this time. He shows off his comedic timing from start to finish. Harris Ford holds his own opposite Wilder and shows his acting talent is just as good on horseback as it is in a starship.

Be sure to check out my Facebook page (<--- click here) for todays movie snack Za'atar Roasted Chickpeas from Busy in Brooklyn. Go make your snacks, it's movie time!



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