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Monday Movie Madness: The Christmas Chronicles 1 & 2

Hello Posse,

We are in full holiday season swing now and will be counting down the finals weeks until Christmas with some great holiday movies that have a connection in some way to great westerns. We kick this off with a fantastic Netflix holiday film and it's sequel that was just released this year, The Christmas Chronicles and The Christmas Chronicles 2.

Now, I want to give fair warning, there is a spoiler in here so do not read on if you want to watch the movies and enjoy the surprise in the first movie.

The original movie was released on Netflix in 2018 and stars Kurt Russell as a hot-rodding, sax-playing Santa Clause. The story follows two kids, Kate (Darby Camp) and Teddy Pierce (Judah Lewis). Kate believes in Santa and is determined to catch him and prove he is real. With the help of her brother, the siblings hatch a scheme to capture Santa on Christmas Eve. When things do not go as planned, the kids have to join forces with the not so jolly Saint Nick, his reindeer, and his crew of elves to try to save Christmas before it's too late. When Christmas is saved, we get to see Santa return home and relax with Mrs. Clause (Goldie Hawn).

The Christmas Chronicles 2 was released just this month on Netflix (2020). We see a return of the original cast reprising their roles from the first movie, with the addition of a whole new crew of supporting actors. In the sequel, Kate Pierce (Camp) is now a teenager. She is reunited with Santa and Mrs. Claus when someone starts causing trouble and threatens to cancel Christmas. If the North Pole crew can't stop this troublemaker, Christmas just might get cancelled forever.

With Kurt Russell in the lead role, it is easy to tie these movies to westerns. Russell started his career as a child actor. His second role in 1964 was in Guns of Diablo, a western starring Charles Bronson, Susan Oliver, and Kurt Russell. When discussing western movie, we cannot forget his incredible performance as Wyatt Earp the 1993 western, Tombstone. This increible film also featured Val Kilmer, Sam Elliott, Bill Paxton, Powers Boothe, Michael Biehn, and Dana Delany. As if these western movies ties were not enough, Goldie Hawn also has her own western connection. Hawn starred in the 1976 western comedy, The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox with George Segal.

Movie Snack

It's time to deck the halls with a decorative and edible Christmas Tree Cheese Ball snack by Inspired by Charm. Pair this with some pumpernickel bread rounds, club crackers, sesame rounds, or (my favorite) Mediterranean flavored Melba rounds and you have an incredible holiday treat.

If you want options that are not a flour based food, why not use this for a veggie dip?

Put this in the center of a veggie platter and snack away without all the guilt that can come with of some other more traditional movie snacks. No matter what you dip in this cheese tree, it is sure to be a hit with movie goers, should you decide to share it with others.

Now, you know what time it is, posse! It's time to grab your snacks and settle in for some great Christmas movies!



The Christmas Chronicles, Netflix (2018)

The Christmas Chronicles 2, Netflix (2020)

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