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Monday Movie Madness: Rio Lobo

Hey Posse!

Sorry this is coming out late today. I have been so preoccupied with Christmas shopping today and trying to get the menu set and items ordered for Thanksgiving that I completely forgot it was even Monday. This one is going to be short and sweet today because I still have so much to do today. So let's get right to it.

Today's movie is another John Wayne classic, Rio Lobo. This was the third in a series directed by Howard Hawks. It was preceded by Rio Bravo (1959) and El Dorado (1966). Wayne starred in all three movies. Rio Lobo was released by National General Pictures in 1970. The movie was filmed at Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico and in Tucson, Arizona.

Cord McNally (Wayne) is a Union leader who is charged with protecting a shipment of gold. His troops are attacked by Confederate forces, taking the gold and killing one of his best men in the raid. After the war, McNally finds out the Confederates were tipped off by someone from inside his own troops. McNally sets out to uncover the turncoats. A chance encounter leads him to the town of Rio Lobo where he finds the information he needs.

I had to search a bit for a good recipe to pair with this movie but I think Taste of Home's Cowboy Beef Dip (<--- click here) is a perfect option. Put this with some tortilla chips and you have a great snack, movie or not.

Don't forget you can find all my past movie snack recipe links on the movie snack recipes page. (<--- click here)

So now, you know what time it is, posse. Get your snacks and settle in for another great John Wayne western.



Rio Lobo -- Full Movie

Scenes from Rio Lobo

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