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Monday Movie Madness: Meet me in St. Louis

Hello, Posse!

Today's Christmas movie pick is another that is not always added in the Christmas movie lists. However, this movie gave us a classic Christmas song sung by none other than mega star Judy Garland. Of course I am talking about the 1944 classic Meet Me in St. Louis.

Garland debuted several songs in this movie that became hits after the movies release including, The Trolley Song, The Boy Next Door, and the now Christmas classic, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. The producer of the film, Arthur Freed, wrote these songs and even performed one of them.

Meet Me in St. Louis is a romantic musical comedy that follows the lives and loves of four sisters on the leading up to the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. The young women learn how to navigate the ways of the world and budding relationships with the help of their family and a lovable housekeeper who keeps everyone on their toes. In the end, love conquers all with the help of a little singing, dancing, some great technicolor scenery and costuming.

This is a great feel good family movie that is a great addition to any holiday movie marathon you might be planning this Christmas season. It's ties to westerns was easily made through actress Margaret O'Brien who plays Tootie in Meet Me in St. Louis. She also starred in a 1946 western film Bad Bascomb with Wallace Beery. We also have Leon Ames who plays Mr. Alonzo Smith. Ames has an extensive filmograph which includes a few westerns including the 1950 western, Ambush, which was directed by Sam Wood and stared Robert Taylor. Even Judy Garland has a western connection even if it is an unfinished one. Garland was originally cast to play Annie Oakley in the 1950 western musical, Annie Get Your Gun . However, due to issues behind the scenes the role was recast with Betty Hutton in the title role.

Movie Snack

It's time to make a movie snack that is touted as a St. Louis signature sandwich, The Gerber. I suggest you try the version on's, Show Me the Gerber Sandwich - Missouri.

This hot sandwich is an ooey gooey delight that will be a great snack any day of the week even if you are not planning to watch any movies that day, but why limit your enjoyment when you can indulge in both at once.

So, it's time to get your snacks and settle in for some great movies and tasty treats!



Meet Me in St. Louis, Trailer (1944)

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