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Monday Movie Madness: May the 4th Be With You!

Hello Posse!

Today we are doing something a bit different. Instead of sharing a tradition western, I want to look at Star Wars (Star Wars® is a registered trademark and all rights are protected by law) a western set in space. It seems rather fitting that May the 4th, Star WarsDay comes soon after National Space Day. For Geeks around the world this day is filled with puns, games, and of course, watching Star Wars.

I have long thought that Star Wars was basically a traditional western set in space and I am not alone in that. We can find all kinds of articles online that compare Star Wars to the spaghetti westerns that brought us talents like Clint Eastwood and to great films like The Searchers. While cinephiles might disagree which westerns had the most likely influence on George Lucas' work, they can all agree there is a decidedly classic western influence at work.

Just check out these articles and the linked podcast by The Ringer:

Star Wars’ and the Western Explained | Binge Mode Star Wars – Jedi Temple | The Ringer

Whether you agree that there are obvious western influences in Star Wars or not. It is a fantastic film and May the 4th is a perfect time to watch it. Check out my Facebook page for the movie snack suggestion for today's film, chocolate covered lightsabers will go great with popcorn and a cold drink.

So, get your snacks, sit back, and relax. it's time for a great movie!




Quarantine Boredom Buster

This week with the weather turning warmer, at least in some parts of the world (sorry New York) we wanted to share some great water balloon games to get out out of the house and cooled off. For a full list of great games using water balloons, check out

Balloon Basket Bombers!

This is a great game to cool off with because balloon always end up popping when you least expect it. I always think of this like a reverse dunk tank.

You need:

  1. A basket with holes so water can easily run through cheap strainers from a dollar store work well.

  2. Several water balloons

  3. At least two players

How to play: Divide into teams if you have enough players to do so. One person places the basket on their head. Each teammate takes turns tossing balloons in the basket. When all teammates have tossed a water balloon in the basket, the next player takes the basket and places it on their head and everyone take another toss. This rotation continues until 10 unbroken balloons are in the basket. The first team to get 10 water balloons in their basket, wins.

If you are playing with just two players, each player holds a basket on their head with one hand while they try to toss balloons into the basket on their opponents head with the other. Players take turns tossing or you can go for a speed round that gets crazy as it is a free for all toss-fest with players throwing at the same time trying to reach 10 first. You get a lot more wet this way but it is also a lot funnier.



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