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Monday Movie Madness: Made for TV!

Hello Posse!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are starting off this week healthy and happy. I have been fighting a bug for a week now and it just seems to stay at that, "I'm tired and feel like I'm coming down with something" stage but never really getting completely sick. I'm okay with that. At least I can keep getting things done even if I feel pooped. Though I did realize how many typos I had in the last quick blog yesterday. Sorry about that. I know I have them from time to time but they usually aren't that bad. I will try to do better today.

Today's Monday Movie Madness blog is one I have been looking forward to sharing. I'm going to talk about the TV movie adaptations of some great Louis L'amour books staring two of my favorite modern day cowboys, Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott.

These two have appeared together in a number of made for TV westerns based on L'amour's books. As far as I can tell from my research (please, feel free to correct me if I am wrong), the first one, is The Sacketts. This film was released by NBC in 1979 as a two-part TV miniseries. They had originally filmed six hours worth of footage for this film and had to cut it down a great deal to fit the mini series time slots.

This film stars Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, and Jeff Osterhage as the Sackett brothers. Also in this film is notable actors, Glenn Ford and Ben Johnson, and even Louis L'amour makes an appearance as himself. This story is based on two books by L'amour, The Daybreakers and Sacketts.

In this adaptation, we follow the lives of the three Sackett brothers in 1869. Due to tragic events at Orrin Sacketts wedding, the brothers must leave their home in Tennessee to rebuild their lives in the west. There is so much that goes on in this story that it is really impossible for me to give you a good breakdown in this short blog but I will tell you, the story builds to a climatic showdown ending that will leave you with a great reminder as to why people love these kinds of movies. I hope you will give it a shot, pun intended.

What are your favorite TV miniseries? Share in the comments.



One more thing, if you love westerns, you should subscribe to this YouTube channel below. A Word on Westerns is a YouTube interview show with Rob Word. There are a lot of great interviews here and I highly recommend it!

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