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Manic Monday: Murphy Hates Me!

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

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Hello My Happy People,

I am sure at least some of you noticed that there was not a Friday Funnies blog last week. Well, there was a very good reason for that (not just me being lazy). We are having issues with our fuse box in the apartment again and this time the requests for an electrician went ignored until today. We have still not see an electrician and God only knows when we will see one in here, but at least we have hope that one will show up soon.

In the meantime, we are having to use a flashlight to navigate half of the apartment (which includes the kitchen, my office, and the bathroom) and we've had to move all the appliances, like the microwave and coffee maker, into the living room to be able use them. I guess that is the silver lining, some of the fuses still work.

After asking nicely, pleading, and then giving the landlord a formal request in writing with a copy being sent to our lawyer, we did finally get a day and time for an electrician to come to the apartment. Unfortunately, it was the exact day and time I am scheduled for a medical procedure I have been waiting to take care of since last September. I asked to put it off until after the holidays since it was not a life threatening issue at the time, but now it has to be done so of course that is the day and time the electrician chose.

I swear, I think I must have wronged Murphy in another life because it seems like his "law" pops up in my life an awful lot. I'm writing this blog on my old laptop because the desktop computer can't be used right now in my office. I may have to see about moving it to the bedroom tomorrow so I can upload my podcast. I may have to get creative to get that accomplished.

I will be in the hospital all day Wednesday so there will be no chance to do any work on my blog or podcast that day ... if I even get to come home that night. Odds are I will come home Wednesday night, but there is a chance I will have to stay one night in the hospital, something I do not want to do. I am not fond of hospitals (who is, right?), but add to it that I am in Germany and my German is not great. It is a huge fear of mine to have to be in a hospital where I cannot communicate well with the medical staff. Granted, most of the medical staff I have met at this hospital speak English better than I speak German, but the fear is still there.

I was worried that the respiratory infection I brought back from Amsterdam would postpone the procedure, but it looks like it cleared up enough just in time. Which is good, I want to get this over with.

So in the last few weeks, I have been sick in bed, the fuse box has been sparking and spreading fumes in the apartment again (even worse than when it did this in December) and I have been trying to get healthy enough to have this medical procedure done ... no stress here ...

So I think you can understand why I have missed a few Friday Funnies blogs. The last time I tried to use the desktop computer it started flashing and shut off a few times. I was worried it would get a surge and kill my computer. I would have a mental breakdown if that happened. That computer is backed up, but it has everything for all of my books, podcasts, and just everything I need to function on it. I take no chances with that computer!

So cross your fingers that I can either move the desktop in the bedroom or can do the podcast set up from this laptop or I might have to skip one podcast rebroadcast during this break.

So that is my Monday, I hope yours is much better. Here is hoping that next week will be the actual start of an amazing new year for me ... I am determined to be an eternal optimist!

Go forth, and be happy!


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