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Friday Funnies: Writer Woes!

Hello, Posse,

I hope you have had a wonderful week and are looking forward to an even better weekend. Here in the Burckhardt home we have had some fantastic developments (for P.R.) and some not so fantastic developments (for me). We decided to drink Champagne to celebrate the good and will worry about the other when things later when is it necessary. I will share more details about these things when everything is settled for sure. Nothing will have an affect on me finishing my books series, so we are all good there.

As for today, I thought some jokes about writers would be good. I am feeling the struggle as I wrestle with my characters and try to get them to cooperate to finish part six, Into the West: Last Showdown. A few of them are being ornery. I am bringing some historical realism to this book that a few people might find difficult to read, but I want to be as accurate to real history as possible. I think that is the only respectful thing to do. We will see how that plays out.

But for now, on with the jokes!




What is like being a writer?

Being a writer is 10% writing and 90% staring at your computer screen trying to think of a better way to describe how your character buttered his toast.

Being a writer is writing 4,000 words at five o'clock in the morning and then not being motivated to work on your book again for weeks.

Being a writer is having no logical idea why you hoard notebooks

Being a writer is not knowing why you never write in your hoards of notebooks.

Being a writer is knowing you need to get to work and write as you check your email and social media pages just one more time.

Being a writer is having a browser history filled with: definition of affect and effect, synonym for affect, when to use affect, when to use effect, synonym for effect.

Being a writer is having a brilliant story idea for book seven, which will end your book serial, and spending the day writing notes for it instead of writing book five which is the book you are actually working on.

Being a write is have a file filled with: FinalDraft.doc, FinalDraft1.doc, Finaldraft2.doc, FINALFinalDraft.doc, FINALFinalDraft1.doc

Last but not least, for my writer friends . . .

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you supposed to be writing instead of reading jokes about writers?


This is amazing, if you like words, this is a must watch.

John Branyan: Three Little Pigs


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