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Friday Funnies: School Daze!

Hello, Posse!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week and are looking forward to an even better weekend. I'm not really looking forward to Sunday. P.R. has to leave early for a business trip, but that does mean I will have several days here with just Shaggy, where I will be doing nothing but writing . . . and watching the horror movies P.R. does not like to watch.

As someone who has been an online teacher and was a reading tutor in a brick and mortal elementary school, I know this time of year can be so hectic for some people. Put the CoVid concerns on top of all of that with the ever raging mask/vaccine for school kids debates and you have a perfect storm of stress! So, what better time for some ridiculous Dad jokes?

I think this is the perfect week for jokes that focus on school. Some of the best comments that have made me laugh to tears have come from my students. It is one of the things that makes working with kids so much fun.

Another thing that is fun, is reading out loud to kids and having them read to you. The Into the West Saga Serial is a great book series to share with your kids.

There is no sex, no profanity, and while there is some violence (it is the old west after all), there is no graphic violence in the series. Plus, I work very hard to make sure this series is historically factual down to seemingly insignificant details such as, if sweet potatoes would be readily available in the Kansas territory at this time so a character could have had sweet potato sweet cakes for breakfast. There is nothing like teaching kids history hidden in an entertaining story.

Check out all of the Into the West Saga Serial books on the My Books (<--- click to go) page of this website. Be sure to join the Members Only page as well, where you will find free downloadable color pages. It's free to join, quit anytime, and there are no strings attached. I plan to add more free downloadables very soon, including: trivia pages, crossword puzzles and more.

Have a great weekend, Posse! I hope to have an update on Monday for part six, Into the West: Last Showdown. So be sure to check out the Monday Movie Madness blog for news and updates.

But for now, on with the jokes!!!!




Q: Why did the teacher wear his sunglasses in the classroom?

A: Because his students were all so bright!


Q: Why did the student cross the playground?

A: To get to the other slide.


Q: How is an English teacher like a judge?

A: They both assign sentences to people who usually don't want them.


Q: What is a math teachers favorite snake?

A: A Pi-thon


Teacher: I didn't see you yesterday, Jonny. You missed school, didn't you?

Student: Nope, not even a little.


Q: Why are math teachers always so unhappy?

A: The deal with nothing but problems all day long.


Q: Why did the teacher slowly wade into the waves on the beach?

A: She wanted to test the water.


Q: Did you know that math teachers never die?

A: They just lose their functions.


Teacher: If I have 4 baseballs in one hand and 5 tennis balls in the other, what do I have?

Student: Really big hands!


Teacher: If 7 people give you $50 each, what do you have?

Student: A new xBox!


Q: Why did the math teacher write the equations on the window?

A: Because he wanted the lesson to be very clear for the students!


Q: Why did the students eat their homework?

A: The teacher told them all it was going to be a piece of cake.


And last but not least (a personal favorite of mine) . . .

Q: What can you say to an English teacher when she is sad to comfort her?

A: There, Their, They're!


Teachers at the Dry Bar Comedy

A few are a little risqué, but not too bad. All are funny.


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