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Friday Funnies: Neighbors

Hello Posse,

I have been dragging since I got the CoVid19 shot Wednesday. I did not have any unusual side effects, thank goodness, but being tired is one of the most common things they tell you to expect. And boy howdy, they weren't kidding. Normally, I'm up until 3 or 4 am every night and up at 9 or 10. After the shot, I have been dragging all afternoon and falling asleep by midnight and still sleeping until 9 or 10.

I was really struggling with a topic for today's blog. I had to go to P.R. for a suggestion. I was having a difficult time thinking about anything other than napping. I hope all of you are happy and healthy and are enjoying reading a good book lately. Why not drop some titles in the comments. When I finish writing part 5, Into the West: Last Showdown, I plan to take a week or two before starting part 6 Into the West: Family Ties and I want to read a few books. I'm looks for suggestions.

We didn't get 10 hearts on the last blog for people who wanted to see a sneak peek from part 5 of what I have been working on so I am going to wait a bit and finish more of the story before I do another sneak peek. Keep watching the blogs and social media for when I post it.

But now it's time for some jokes. A few of these might be a bit more edgy than I usually post but nothing too risque. Have a wonderful weekend, posse! I hope the weather is warm and the people are friendly where you are.




Q: Did you know my closest neighbor holds the Guinness record for having the most concussions.

A: He's a close friend, he lives just a stone's throw away.


Q: Did you hear my neighbour just got arrested for growing pot?

A: I guess my property line isn't actually where I thought it was.


Q: Can you believe my neighbor banged on the wall last night at 4:30 am and shouted, "Can we have a little Respect?"

A: Luckily for him I was up listening to music and replied, "I'm not a big Aretha Franklin fan but this one's for you!"


I asked my neighbor if he could help me find out what DIY means. he just yelled, "Do it yourself," and walked away. He's so rude!


Q: "Mr Robot. Your neighbour is accusing you of stealing their electricity to power yourself. How do you plead?"

A: "Guilty as charged!"


Q: Did you hear my neighbor started playing tennis for money?

A: Apparently, it's quite a racket.


Q: Did you know my neighbor's 4-year-old has been learning Spanish since the lockdown started?

A: He is doing okay, but still can't say "please," which I think is poor for four.

(side note: I'm personally ashamed at how much I laughed at this one!)


Q: Did you hear my neighbor and I have decided to share our water supply?

A: It's a good thing we have got a long well.


Q: Did you hear my two British neighbors lost their donkey, and are desperately looking for it?

A: It's sad, they are assless chaps.


Q: Can you believe my neighbor blamed my gravel for making him fall over?

A: I just told him it was his own dumb asphalt!


And last but not least . . .

Q: How is it possible that Dwayne Johnson's downstairs neighbor didn't recognise him?

A: Because he's been living under a rock!


Who doesn't need a little Tom Hanks to start their weekend?


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