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Friday Funnies: National Beer Day!

Hello Posse!

I'm combining a Small Business (though it's grown so much it's not really that small anymore) Spotlight with my Friday Funnies. It just works with today being National Beer Day.

An OLD friend of mine, Ken Broadhead (I've know him about 30 some odd years or more), co-founded a brewery called, Confluence Brewing Company (<-- click here to check out their website). He and his partner, John Martin, started out as avid home brewers who decided to turned their passion into profits and a whole menu of amazing brews. In 2012, Confluence Brewing Company was established.

From their website:

"The brewery is itself a confluence of John and Ken’s love for Iowa and craft beer. The result is a microbrewery that shares Iowa’s attributes of honesty, humility, hard work and a sense of humor. Confluence also has Iowa’s knack for being a delightful surprise to those who actually experience it.
Confluence cares about the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into making excellent beer, and knows that excellent beer can bring good friends together."

What better way to start your weekend than to pick up a great craft beer and settle in for some amusing bar jokes? Be sure to check to see if Confluence craft beers are available in your area, and if not, ask for them to be stocked! It will be worth it!

Have a great weekend!


Stay safe and healthy, folks . . . and now for the jokes!


Man walks into a pub and sits at the bar. He pulls out a laptop and looks at the bartender.

Man: Say, what's the Wi-Fi password here?

Bartender: You need to buy a drink first.

Man: Okay, give me a Coke.

Bartender gives the man a Coke and tells him it will be $3. The man pays and takes a sip of his drink then looks at the bartender again.

Man: Okay, I bought a drink, so what is the password?

Bartender: (speaking slowly) You need to buy a drink first . . . no spaces, all lowercase.


Q: What do you call a guy who is fall down drunk?

A: A Cab!


Descartes walks into a bar and orders a Confluence craft beer. When he finishes the bartender asks if he wants another. Descartes replies, "I think not," and vanishes.


An expert in SEO walks into a bar . . . bars, pub, tavern, drinks, beer, liquor, alcohol, . . .


Two men walk into a bar.

You would think the second one would have ducked.


Charles Dickens walks into a bar and orders a martini

Bartender: Olive or Twist?


A tub of yogurt walks into a bar. The bartender tells it to get out, they don't serve its kind.

The yogurt asks, "Why not? I'm cultured!"


A mushroom walks into a bar. The bartender tells it to get out, they don't serve its kind.

The mushroom asks, "Why not? I'm a fun-guy!"


A bunch of Fonts walk into a bar. The bartender tells them to get out, they don't serve their type!


and last but not least . . .

A pork chop walks into a bar. The bartender tells it, "Get out! We don't serve food here!"


I need to add: if you chose to drink, please be responsible and do not drink and drive. A dear friend of mine just had to bury to her 18 year old son whose life was cut short by a drunk driver. He had just been accepted to college.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a few drinks, but please take a cab, get a designated driver, or drink some place you can stay until you have sobered up when you choose to drink. The life you could be saving might even be your own.

Thank you!


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