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Friday Funnies: Getting Older!

(From left to right: my sister, Dianne Burckhardt, mom [D. S. Stephens])

Hello My Happy People,

Today is the perfect day to talk about getting older as it is my mother's (D.S. Stephens') birthday! If you would like to join the celebration, just go to our Burckhardt Book Facebook page (<--- click here) and leave her a birthday message.

Unfortunately, we were not able to make it back to the US to be with her today, but my sister and some of her family were able to make the trip to Kansas to help Mom celebrate. We hope to make up for lost time when we go visit at the holidays.

A quick update on our current Burckhardt Books projects:

  1. Edits are slowly progressing on Into the West; Family Ties but still progressing.

  2. Outlines are being developed for The Touch and Free Bad Haircuts with Each Craniotomy

  3. The new podcast companion magazine Book Banter Magazine is coming along nicely and the layouts are starting to come together.

  4. We are setting up the plan for a holiday book buying guide magazine special issue featuring books from all the guest authors from season one and two of Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt.

  5. More great guests are scheduled for August: two comic book authors and an incredible author who almost defies categorization.

I know I am forgetting something, but as I cannot remember what I forgot, let's just go with these.

And now ... on with the jokes and let's kick off this weekend with some laughs!

(Happy Birthday, MOM!!!)



Q: What should you do if you lose something in a retirement home?

A: Keep looking until you have searched every nook and granny:

Q: What do you call it when and old-time hockey players scores three goals?

A: A gerihat-trick!

Q: Why are pastry chefs always surprised when they turn 80?

A: Because old age always crepes up on them.

Q: Why did the old baker have a bad reputation?

A: It was rumored that she was an old tarte.

Q: How are stars like false teeth?

A: They both come out at night!

Q: Would you ever try a pole dancing class?

A: No. At my age, the only pole dancing I could do is on to the safety bar in the shower.

Q: How do you know you are really old?

A: When you have a party and the neighbors don't even notice.

Q: How do you know you are really old?

A: When people start to politely suggest that you start lying about your age.

Q: Do you mind when people point out how old you are?

A: Nope! It's much better than the alternative.

And last but not least ...

Q: Why do car enthusiasts age so well?

A: Because they don't get old, them just become a classic!

Ray Romano's Best Advice for Getting Older

Tyrone Tries To Make Things Better | George Schlatter

Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

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