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Friday Funnies: Fun Times!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Hello My Happy People,

The traveling carnival is back in town with rides and games and lots of amazing food you only ever eat at carnivals. It is tradition for me and P.R. to go to the arcade game where you shoot arrows at targets. Every year we do a little bit better and keep getting a bigger prize, We will have to see what we come back with this year.

This blog is coming out late because I have spent most of the day working on a mockup of our new magazine, Book Banter Magazine. I have to say, I have had a lot of fun working on this and am getting really excited to bring this to all of you. We are still planning for a fall launch so keep watching our social media for the actual launch date.

But for now, let's get on with the jokes ...



Q: Did your wife get mad when you accidentally handed her a glue stick instead of chapstick?

A: I don't know, but she still isn’t talking to me.

Q: How is that book you're reading a book about anti-gravity?

A: Great, it’s impossible to put down.

Q: I heard you were scheduled to get a brain transplant, what happened?

A: I was but then I changed my mind.

Q: Did you hear my dad gave me a pair of gloves, but they’re both lefts?

A: Well, on one hand, it's great, but on the other, it's not right.

Q: What happened when your husband found out you replaced your bed with a trampoline? A: He really hit the roof.

Q. Did it hurt when you got hit with that can of soda?

A: Not really, it was a soft drink.

Q: Where you shocked to be diagnosed with colorblindness?

A: Yes, it came completely out of the dark grey.

Q: I heard your boss plans to fire the employee with the worst posture, is that true?

A: Yes, and I have a hunch, it might be me.

Q: Is it true you were addicted to the hokey pokey?

A: Yes, but thankfully, I turned myself around.

And last but not least ...

Q: Were you ever indecisive?

A: I thought I was but now I’m not too sure.

Carol Burnett and Robin Williams -The Funeral

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