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Friday Funnies: Books!

Hello, Posse!

So it actually happened!! Thanks to Greg's (my editor) fantastic and fast work, I was able to actually get this book finished and on sale for the fourth of July weekend. It has been a VERY stressful few days, to say the least.

For the first 90 days, the Into the West: To Save Them All eBook will only be available on as part of the Kindle Unlimited program. I will open it up to Barnes and Noble's Nook after the first 90 days. I forgot to change that on Into the West: Most Wanted after the first 90 days. I have since cancelled the Kindle Unlimited program for it, but I cannot open it up to B&N until September 13th, when the current Kindle Unlimited agreement runs out.

I made a mistake yesterday while I was loading everything up on Barnes and Noble Booksellers website. I hit publish on the eBook by mistake. Since I have it set to be exclusive with Amazon for 90 days, I cannot sell it on B&N yet. When you hit publish on these sites, things are not automatic, the files have to go through a review process that can take hours to days. I was up until about 4 AM waiting for the book to go live on the site so I could immediately take it off sale. Usually, I do not even load the files up until I am ready to publish them just so these kinds of things do not happen. I think I will be going back to that practice!

I have been up until about 4 or 5 AM the last 3 or 4 days trying to get everything set and ready for this new release and the free download for July 2nd -4th of the Into the West: A New Home - Special Edition which contains part one, Into the West: The Orphan Train, and part two, Into the West: A New Home, in one download. I am so glad things actually came together. I need a break!

I am going to take some time off and just relax and read a bit before I get back to finishing part six, Into the West: Last Showdown. It is almost finish and should not take long to wrap it up but, like I just wrote, I need a break. I really think I can get this finished and to Greg to edit by the end of the month. With any luck I can set a presale date for this next one so I will not be rushing to get it out next time.

But now I think it is definitely time for some laughs!

Have a great weekend, Posse!



Person 1: You know, I've never read Fitzgerald.

Person 2: What!? You've Gatsby kidding me!


What does a passive aggressive Raven say?

A: Never mind.


Q: Why does no one want to play board games with John Milton?

A: Because whenever he plays, there’s always a pair of dice lost.


Q: What building has the most stories?

A: A library.


Q: What is a good pickup line to use on a librarian?

A: Mind if I check you out?


Q: What do cats and commas have in common?

A: Cats have claws at the end of their paws and commas have a pause at the end of a clause.


Q: Why did the run-on sentence worry that it was pregnant?

A: Because its period came late.


Q: What to authors say on Star Wars day?

A: Metaphors be with you!


Q: Why was the high school music teacher so controversial?

A: He required his students to read band books.


Q: Did you know a book fell on my head last night?

A: I can really only blame my shelf.


Q: Have you read the book about Mount Everest?

A: It had quite a cliff hanger!


And last but not least . . .

Q: Why are writers always cold?

A: Because they’re surrounded by drafts!


9 Funny Jokes About Books

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