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Book Banter EP 31: Who Wants to Win $25?

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Hello My Happy People,

In today's episode, I talk about my Writing Prompt Challenge contest. We want to interact with you more and we are willing to give away cash to do it! Check out our prompts, write a short story, and you could the one lucky writer to win $25. Cash prize given once every three months. Link to the challenge is below. Right now we just have a few entries so chances are in your favor to win! This first contest will run October to December with the cash being given away before Christmas!

Who couldn't use more money at Christmas? I also talk a bit more about my new FBI crime thriller in progress, The Touch. To be honest I'm even creeping myself out writing this and I love it! I also give a quick update on my next guest interview with video production maven, Kara Vogt!

So don't wait ... go listen now! Then enter the contest and you could be the lucky winner to get $25!



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