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Book Banter EP 26: Lisa Sillaway, Social Media Professor

Hello My Happy People,

It is only by the grace of God that this episode is actually going to be aired (I am going to knock on wood too just in case since I am writing this before it goes live). I had a major panic attack as I was getting things set up to finish the edits for this show and post it.

I had actually done most of the edits for the entire interview right after we recorded it. P.R. was out of town and I had plenty of alone time to kill. All I had to do today was open the edited interview, split it in two episodes and add the openers and closers to the audio. That is if things had gone to plan. They did not.

I tried to open the edited interview, but it was corrupted and would not even open for me. Somehow the data file is missing and I have no idea how that could have happened. Luckily, I always save the raw interviews just in case something goes wrong, like today. This way I may have to redo the editing, but at least I do not lose the interview ... in theory.

When I tried to open the raw interview the only thing in the recording was a lot of static and one word ... "testing". This made no sense to me because I do record me saying testing to do a sound check, but then I always delete it and record the interview over it. When I'm doing the interview I am always messing with levels and mic adjustments and i can see the conversation recording so I know it was there. How it got replaced with just "testing" is a mystery I cannot figure out.

Luckily, I'm the paranoid type who worries about just such technical glitches happening and I had a second backup recording of the raw interview. It was still a few tense moments as I had to reboot the computer, do a few terminal workarounds, and was finally able to get the raw interview to open and edit the show again.

In a Murphy's Law kind of moment, when I tried to copy and paste the second, not yet edited half, of the interview into a new program to save to finish for next week's episode. I somehow managed to copy this weeks half and dumped the second half of the interview. I still had the untouched raw interview file and was able to copy it from there. I never work in those for this very reason.

I almost feel like this episode was cursed. Lord knows it was a real stresser for me to put together, but thank goodness it seems to be set now (knock on wood again). Please give this interview a listen if for no other reason than I worked so very hard to bring it to you. Another good reason is Lisa has great suggestions for growing your social media following too.

Be sure to check out Lisa's social media links listed below. We have a new prompt for today's writing prompt challenge, and I actually remembered to read it in the episode today so take a few minutes and go listen to today's podcast. You will find links to some of the popular providers below as well.

Have a great Wednesday, people!


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