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Best of Book Banter S2 EP 101: Rebroadcast-Angela R. Hughes

Hello My Happy People,

Our Holiday break is quickly coming to the end and we will have new shows coming soon when we begin season three February 7th. In the meantime, we are sharing some of our best episodes from season two while we gear up for our Love Fest coming this February and March on Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt and Book Banter Magazine. 

We are celebrating love for Valentine's Day and beyond, because love is too important to just focus on for one day of the year, it should be everyday. We are going to feature authors who write on all aspects of love: self-love, romantic love, dealing with loss of love or a loved one, love of life, and more.  So mark your calendars, the Love Fest begins here on Feb. 7, 2024!

Today Dianne is sharing the rebroadcast of her chat with historical, epic fantasy author, Angela R. Hughes. Angela is based in Waco, Texas, but part of her heart is firmly ensconced across the pond in the United Kingdom, Celtic Mythology, and Arthurian Legends.  It has been her ambition to write stories that grip and inspire her readers, alluring them into myth and legend. 

Angela believes in the power of storytelling and has always been inspired by mythologies and legends of the hero’s quest.  She has been particularly drawn to Arthurian legend and its ancient roots that spanned into the Cymru world.  She has studied Arthurian legend, as well as Celtic Mythology.  While living in Ireland, she fell in love with the history and landscapes of England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.

​She tells Dianne about her fantasy series The Once and Future Chronicles which currently include; Book One: Elanor and the Song of the Bard, Book Two: Merlin and the Magic of Time,  with Book Three: Arthur and the Golden Dragon coming soon.

At the end of the interview Angela reads from her most recent publication, Book Two: Merlin and the Magic of Time. You do NOT want to miss that! Don't wait ... go listen now!

You can find all of Angela's social media on her linktree account.

Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt

                                                         ^ Click to listen now ^

Time for New Year's Dad Jokes!

Q: Where does a Jack Frost get the weather report?

A: On the winternet.

Q: What's Jack Frost's favorite fast food?

A: Brrr-itos!

Q: Why did the bear keep getting fired?

A: Because he's just disappear for months in winter.

Q: What can anyone catch in the winter, even they aren't athletic?

A: A cold.

Q: What did the tree say when Spring finally came after a long, cold winter?

A: What a re-leaf!

Q: What do you call a ghost in the winter?

A: Casp-brrr.

Q: What does the barber serve his customers in winter?

A: Cold cuts!

Q: What can fall from great heights ub winter but never gets hurt?

A: Snow.

Q: What kind of ball can't bounce?

A: A snowball.

And last but not least . . .

Q: What did the snow woman feed her kids for breakfast?

A: Frosted Flakes.


Book Banter Magazine News for 2024!

Going forward, Book Banter Magazine will be published every other month beginning in February with the start of season 3 of Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt - Book Talk Podcast. We will also have the Year End Book Buying Guide in November for holiday shopping with every author guest from season 3. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on all our coming issues.

Follow us on Facebook: @BurckhardtBooks and @DianneBurckhardt.Author

Book Banter Magazine's December Issue is Live!

This holiday issue is all about great gifts for any gift giving occasion. We have amazing authors from Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt - Book Talk Podcast and a Book Banter Magazine exclusive feature author, J.B. Kaufman. J.B. is a world renowned movie historian who specializes in silent and early "talkie" movies and has written several books on Walt Disney Animated Movie histories. Our featured cookbook author is Faith Kramer and her cookbook 52 Shabbats. As always we have a recipe, a puzzle, and so much more. Check it all out on our Book Banter Magazine page, just click HERE. Bookmark it so you never miss an issue.

Book Banter Magazine's

Year End Book Buying Guide is Live!

The Year End Book Buying Guide features every author who has been a guest on Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt - Book Talk Podcast with with a few extra Book Banter Magazine exclusive authors. It aso has live links to buy the authors' books and to their social media. Check it all out on our Book Banter Magazine page. You can find this issue and more by clicking HERE. 

The Into the West Saga Serial is Complete!

Check out the award-winning, historical fiction, family saga, Into the West Saga Serial. All the books, one through seven, are available now on Amazon. Click here to order your copy of each of the seven novellas in this serial today or you can read them all for free with Kindle

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Season Three Begins February 7th with Two Months of Love Fest:

February 7th, S3 EP104: Romantic Love

Susan Horsnell, USA Today Bestselling Romance Author of A Cowboy for Corrine. Mail-Order Papa Series

February 14th, S3 EP105: Love of Film and Female Comedians

Elizabeth Teets, Author of Isn't She Great: Writers on Women Led Comedies from 9 to 5 to Booksmart

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February 21st, S3 EP106: Romantic Love

Terreece Clarke, Romance Author of The Courageous Love Series

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February 28th, S3 EP107: Surviving Loss of a Loved One *Trigger Warnings*

La Toya Bond, Baker, Creator, Podcastor, Sui©ide Prevention Advocate and Author of Speaking of Love and Please Pass the Love Cookbook


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