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My Favorite Western of all Time!

Hello Posse,

Today, I want to share my absolute favorite western flick of all time. It is a serious oldie and another Republic release. Angel and the Badman staring John Wayne and Gail Russell. This film was written and directed by James Edward Grant and released in 1947. The film went into the public domain in 1975 in the us because the copyright registration was not renewed.

This film follows notorious gunfighter, Quirt Evans (Wayne). He becomes injured and is found by a family of Quakers. Evans is nursed back to health by the oldest daughter, Penelope (Russell), who becomes fascinated with him. the peace-loving family welcome him into their lives despite his violent past. Their kindness and acceptance begins to influence Evans as he finds himself falling in lover with Penelope.

This film was the first time Wayne not only starred in a film but took on a producer role as well. Wayne and Grant frequently collaborated on projects over the years.

Since this is in the public domain, you can watch the full movie here.





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