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Sneak Peek Sunday!

Hello Posse!

I'm hard at work trying to get Into the West: Sharon Springs finished to go on pre-sale on Valentine's Day for a March release date. I wanted to share a little peek at what I'm working on. I hope you like the teaser. Please keep in mind, this has not been to the editor yet. Greg will fix any typos I missed before publication.

The rain held at a steady mist until the family was well out of sight of Sharon Springs. Lightning was striking more often but was still a good distance away. The thunder was a faint crack and rumble that you could barely hear and couldn’t feel at all.

Tim directed his horse down into the valley. If they could just get through this stretch of lowland before the rain really broke, everything would be fine.

The family was quiet. Stacy was in the bed of the buckboard huddled under a quilt with the children trying to keep them warm and, at least, mostly dry.

Suddenly, there was a lightning strike on the ridge to the left of them. The thunder boomed so loudly you could feel it in your bones.

The horse reared and danced before taking off at a dead run sending the family bouncing along with him. Tim struggled to get him under control but the sky chose that moment to open up and drop a torrent of rain, pounding down like it was trying to beat the earth flat.

Tim could hear his family’s cries as he fought to get his horse under control. Down the road, he saw a tree limb lying across their path. Tim did his best to stop the horse or, at the very least, steer it around the obstacle but the horse was set on his course and was not going to be diverted.

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Thanks for following my career! It's much appreciated!


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