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On the Mend

To begin, I'm sorry there was no Sneak Peek Sunday this weekend. I was in bed trying to breathe. I am just now starting to feel somewhat human after being hit hard with the flu. I feel totally ripped off about that too, I just had the flu shot a few weeks ago!

There is a very good reason why I call P.R. my better half and this past week illustrates it. P.R. works 10-12 hour days then comes home and often has to do work here too. I work from home so it just makes sense that I take care of most of the chores around the house since I'm the one who is actually here. However, while I've been sick, P.R. just keeps sending me back to bed and taking care of everything and me.

Today is a good example, after working all day P.R. is going to the grocery store becuase I usually go on Monday's. I offered to make a simple tortellini soup for us for dinner or spaghetti but P.R. said to go back to bed, it's already covered. I will never know how I got so luck as to be married to P.R.

While I was sick, the second of my two recent interviews went live online. You can find it here on Scott Harris' Friday Forum page of his website, Friday Forum Featuring Stephen Burckhardt (click to read).

This illness has thrown me off a bit. I had a writing time table that would let me get Into the West: Sharon Springs ready for sale by the first week of December so anyone who wanted to buy a printed copy of it for the holidays would have plenty of time for delivery. With this flu, I just lost about 5 days for writing but I'm not giving up on my time table! I'm just going to have to write like the wind from now until the end of the month.

Luckily, the story is finally snapping into place in my head and it will just take getting it on the page now. I'm going to do my best to make this happen but I will not put out a subpar story just to meet this deadline. The most important thing for me is always doing a good job crafting the story.

The good news is, from the beta reader comments I have gotten, what I do have written of the story so far is having the emotional impact I was hoping for, this will be another tearjerker. Just so you know. If you would like to become a beta reader too, just click here for more information.

I think I have the designs for the totebags settled, the pens should be delivered tomorrow, and I'm thinking about coming up with one more promo item. I'm going to take a nap then try to write some. It's going to be a few more days before I'm back to 100% but I'm heading in that direction.

Thanks for being part of my posse!


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