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This "beta version" is a practice recording of the first audiobook in the Into the West Saga Serial, Into the West: The Orphan Train. This award-winning novella is written by Stephen Burckhardt and narrated by Dianne Burckhardt. You can stream this file for free by joining our Members Only page. It is free to join, quit anytime, no strings attached! 


PLEASE NOTE: This is a practice version as we learn to create professional audiobooks. If you choose to purchase the beta version, please note: NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR THIS ITEM.


By choosing to purchase and download this file, you are acknowledging you have been made aware that there is a free streaming version available on this website. You furhter acknowledge this download is a copy of the free streaming version and are willingly purchasing the file in "AS IS" condition.  


Into the West: The Orphan Train

Part 1 of the Into the West Saga Serial


Margret MacBride loves her children more than life itself, but as a young widow, she can't support herself and her children on a maid's salary. After losing their home they struggle for years to survive living on the streets. Distraught, Margret turns to the church for guidance.
Mary Agnus convinces Margret her children will be better off if she turns them over to the Catholic Foundling Aid Society for placement in a home. Little did she know her children would end up on the Orphan Train heading into the western territories.

Taken from the only home they have ever known, Elizabeth and Conner MacBride are frightened and homesick. Their aid worker, Mrs. Kelly, does her best to comfort the children and help them come to terms with their new situation.

When Elizabeth finds herself in trouble after a run-in with the foundlings' home's director, Sister Mary Clare, and bullied by one of the other children, Mrs. Kelly puts her job on the line to get Elizabeth and her brother on the Orphan Train and find them a new home in the Wild West.


Into the West: The Orphan Train - Beta Audiobook

  • This is a MP3 file. All rights reserved. © 2022 Burckhardt Books (Stephen and Dianne Burckhardt)

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