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Whatever Wednesday: Zombie Edition

Hello Posse,

It is my turn to do the blog and I have honestly no idea what to write about. With everything that is going on this holiday season I am so sleep deprived, sore from all the errands I have been running, and I'm honestly just brain dead at the moment. I feel like I could sleep for two days and probably still wake up needing a nap.

I know I am not alone in this feeling. So many people get busy this time a year and we just don't take the time to take care of ourselves. So maybe I should make this blog about self-care. I am not going to give you recipes for making your own homemade bath bombs or facial scrubs, like you need one more thing to do right now, but just a few suggestions on how to recharge so you can keep trudging through the season.

1. Turn off your phone and turn on Netflix and binge an old favorite show.

2. Sing along with your favorite song and dance.

3. Listen to the sounds of a Tibetan singing bowl as you drift off to sleep.

4. Hug someone you love for two minutes.

5. Take a nap!

6. Eat clean for one day (cutting out all processed foods) and see how you feel.

7. Practice deep breathing several times throughout the day.

8. Make a "walking date" with a bestie you haven’t seen lately and catch up.

9. Learn to meditate. Spend 10 minutes each day practicing this.

10. Write a gratitude journal. Write down four things you’re grateful for every day.

12. Eat a banana. They are rich in potassium which helps regulate blood pressure.

13. Send a loved one a “thinking of you” message.

14. Take a nice hot bath and pair it with a glass of your favorite wine.

15. Say "no" with NO GUILT!

I hope these suggestions help you slow down and relax this holiday season.

Best wishes,




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