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Whatever Wednesday: Valentine's Day is Coming!

Hello Posse!

I wanted to share a few ideas for how to have a great Valentine's Day without going for the standard heart-shaped box of candy and red roses or breaking the bank.

Sometimes a loving gesture is the best gift. Bring can your loved one a cup of coffee or tea in bed. Let them lounge a bit longer before they have to start their day. If you do not usually take care of the housework, take over the chores for the day and let your significant other take the day off. Hide little love notes around the house with a single chocolate kiss or truffle (just be sure to keep this out of the reach of any pets). Find a photo booth and have some cute photos made together or just of you to gift to them. You can also make a homemade popup card like the one in the video below.

This year my husband and I have agreed to no store bought gifts. Instead it will be handwritten love notes and homemade cookies or maybe brownies. We wanted to give each other a gift that was more personal and to be honest, I'm really looking forward to it.

One cute project I have been wanting to do with my husband is to make a homemade fingerprint necklace with our finger prints on it. This is a quick, easy project and is very personal. This would be something I would keep forever. I wish I would have thought of this before my grandmother passed. It would have been a great memento of her.

Here is another DIY project I am considering. We have a few frames we are not using and this would be a cute keepsake for us. If you don't have a frame on hand you could always find one for very little cash at places like Dollar General, Dollar Tree, or Big Lots in the US or the Euro Store, Kik, or Flying Tiger in the EU.

I want to use maps from five places, or maybe six to give us an even number. They would be where we were each born (him Chile, me Kansas), where we met/married (Hunan Cafe in Old Town/Cowtown Museum in Wichita, KS), where we first lived together (Denmark), and where we live now (Germany).

We can easily print out the maps and even the background with text on our computer. I also want to add a photo or two of us in the frame as well. This would be a fun, easy project to do together. I would want to have a bit more interesting background than this plain white here but this is where you can let your creative side go wild. If you are not the creative type you can always go to this Etsy store and have them be creative for you.

So this holiday, why not go for something more personal? Please share your suggestions and ideas in the comments. We would love to hear from you!

Happy Wednesday!



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