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Whatever Wednesday: The Podcast Ep. 4

Hello, Posse!

I am so sorry this podcast is late today. I am sure if you have been follow my new podcast, you know I have been having to do work arounds to get my equipment and programs to work together. Well, today just as I was about to finish the editing of this episode, my program crashed. (Insert exasperated sigh here)

I was able to get my program back up and running, and after some work, I was able to get the program restored. Luckily, I only lost a few minutes of what I had recorded, but the interruption really took some time to deal with. I am hoping to get some new equipment here very soon.

This seems like the perfect time to remind everyone, if you would like to help support our podcast efforts, it's as easy as buying us coffee. Just click the button to go to the support page. All money will go directly to upgrade our current equipment and recording programs. Plus a BIG thank you to my mom and fellow western author, Mark L. Redmond for buying me coffee to support this podcast. If you are searching for some great western books to get your middle school aged kids hooked on, I highly recommend Mark's The Adventures of Arty Anderson books! You can find them all by clicking HERE.

But enough business, Let's get on with our podcast. We start out with today's National Day celebrations, but I also go out on a limb today and cover a topic that might be a little controversial. I share my thoughts on a recently banned book and some of my favorite banned books I have read. Opposing views are always welcomed, I only ask that any comments on my social media be kept polite and respectful. Young listeners may be reading the comments and I would hope everyone would help me model for them how adults can have a civil exchange of different points of view. Thank you for your help in this.

I also read more from Into the West: The Orphan Train and we finish chapter two of this book. Be sure to check back next Wednesday when we start with chapter 3. Just click the button below to listen to today's podcast.



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