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Whatever Wednesday: Thanksgiving!

Being Native American and a vegetarian, Thanksgiving is not big holiday for me but I do still take the day to give thanks. It seemed appropriate to use this blog to mention things for which I am thankful.

I have a home I get to share with the love of my life and the best mutt to ever to be rescued. We have plenty of food to eat, clothes to wear, and can afford medical care. I get to work toward building my dream job as a novelist. I have gotten great feedback from so many places about my writing and my books are starting to get noticed. I have family and friends whom I love dearly and a few of them love me back (when I'm not annoying them).

There are so really many people I am grateful to have in my life, I really would not even know where to begin. I have been through some seriously trying times in my life and I would not still be here today if it weren't for the support of some of my family and friends.

Today, I am not going to name names because I know I will forget someone important and I do not want anyone feeling left out or unappreciated (and I hope you already know who you all are) but please know I am thankful for you all!

I know who supports me and my work. I know who goes out of their way to help spread the word about the career I am trying to build. I know who contacts me and leaves me encouraging messages and will sometimes text me just to stay in touch. I am extremely grateful for every effort that is made. I only hope you all feel as if I am just as supportive of you and your endeavours.

Please know, tomorrow as P.R. and I sit down to give thanks, I will be thinking of each and every one of you and saying a little pray for your health, happiness, and success with your own goals in life. Peace be with you.

With deepest gratitude,



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