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Whatever Wednesday: Part Five

Hello Posse!

I have been taking some time off after having such a hard time getting part four in the Into the West Saga Serial finished. It proved to be a real bear after the first three had been so easy to write. I hope part five goes back to the fluidity with which I wrote the first three, but with the way 2020 is going, I'm not expecting anything to be easy!

I am not sure if Into the West: Family Ties will be the end of this serial or if I will need a sixth book. We will just have to see if the characters can get their story where I want it by the end of the book. Either way, this saga will be coming to a close soon. It has been so much fun to write but part of me would like to step into another world for a while too. I plan to come back to this world later for another saga serial with a few of the characters from this saga and a whole new lineup of supporting characters. But that is all down the road a while.

I hope you are enjoying this saga and are looking forward to the conclusion for the Into the West Saga Serial. For those who are wondering, I am still planning to put these books out in audiobook format. I had been trying to do the audiobooks while working on the written books and I am not ashamed to admit, it was just too confusing for me. I want to wait until I finish the last book then go back and do all the audio books together. I think they will be much better quality that way.

I have been getting more requests for interviews. I recently completed a video interview and am on the schedule for another podcast. I will post links to these on the News page of the website when they are available and in a Whatever Wednesday blog when they are live.

Thanks for following along with me on this crazy ride as I try to build a writing career for myself. You have no idea how much your support means to me. If you want to do more to help me build my career, there are many free things you can do. You can write a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Goodreads, and/or Facebook. You can share this blog with your friends and tell them about my books. If you don't mind spending a little money, you even gift someone a copy of one of my books. You can even gift eBooks. No matter what, I appreciate you just for reading my work. Thank you!



(writing as Stephen Burckhardt)

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