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Whatever Wednesday: National Teddy Bear Day!

Hello Posse!

I am going to be writing the next three blogs (today's, Friday's and next Monday's) because I am dealing with a lot of stress and depending on how things turn out later today, I may be extremely distracted and I do not want to forget about doing them. A family member is going in for major surgery today and I am not able to go back to the US to be there with them. So I get to just sit here on the other side of the planet and wait for news. It is really stressing me out.

So, to distract myself I will be doing a lot of writing today, but please bear with me (pun intended today) if there are a lot of typos (more than my usual that is) in these next few blogs. I will try to catch them but, well, you know me pretty well by now, there will be some.

Today, is National Teddy Bear Day. Teddy Bears can be so important in a child's life. They give comfort when you cannot not find that in the people in your life, they keep away monsters, they keep your secrets, and they are always there for you when you need them. The love of a Teddy bear can even cause conflict in a family if the same bear is passed from child to child, like it was in my family, or it can be a life long treasure for a child.

No matter the situation, Teddy Bears are a definite part of American culture and deserve to be recognized as the wonderful things they are. If you still have your Teddy Bear we would love to see you share a photo or two.

The bear my sister and I shared as kids, still

being held hostage in her house in Florida.

(Just kidding about the hostage part)

The bear I bought after my sister took the bear above for her own daughter. My bear holds some of the love notes I have gotten from my husband over the years.

The bear my niece Ashley had made for me when I got engaged to my husband who I had nicknamed, Iron Man.

We cannot forget probably the most well-known and loved bear of them all, Winnie the Pooh. He has always been the source of great entertainment for all ages. Don't forget, if you are looking for more wholesome entertainment like Winnie the Pooh, check out all of the Into the West Saga Serial books and share this blog with your friends so they can join in the fun too.

Enjoy this clip and the rest of your National Teddy Bear Day.



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